Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bags are packed...NOT

Bella and I leave to Florida tomorrow morning and I'm just now packing. Go me!

Bella is helping by undoing everything I do, so that's nice of her. Thank goodness for youtube videos. Little Einsteins will hold her attention for about 20 minutes, so I better take blogging! lol.

My little helper.

Meanwhile, the hubby continues his game "Catapult for Hire", which is apparently "much anticipated", sources say. That sounds so official, doesn't it?

He draws and textures the trees to match the style he's going for.

I am so proud of him for working so hard to chase his dreams!

PS. Am I the only one that dreams of horrible, world-ending events like volcanoes erupting, tornadoes twisting me away into the sky or sinking to the depths of the sea in a ship? Yes. Every night. Seriously, when does it stop??? Erg.

Oh. And thank you Bella for unfolding all of my folded laundry. You're a peach! Really, all I could do was laugh. I just need to train her to FOLD it, not UNfold it.

Back to packing!


  1. I've had those dreams before!!! I made my mom sleep with me =0) =0)

  2. that thing that ty is playing on looks fun! i wanna play with it hahaa!!


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