Monday, January 31, 2011

Intentional Family

Tonight we tried to be an intentional family.

In college that phrase took on a new meaning for me. I had to read a book called "The Intentional Family" and I learned that being intentional requires effort and time. Sometimes it looks like a family vacation, or holiday traditions, but mostly it looks like quality time spent at home. Making an effort to DO things together.

We try to reserve Monday nights for family night, and tonight we were feeling a little more adventurous than usual.


We made a pie!

Yeah, you heard me. A pie. An apple one!

We still can't remember whose bright idea it was to take on this challenge, but after all the dishes were clean and our taste buds indulged, it was a good experience.

Ty took over the apple peeling, coring, and slicing...And I handled the temperamental dough. We argued about who knew more about pie-making, when really neither of us had ever made a pie. We mostly referred to one episode of "Master Chef" where the competitors had to make a pie from scratch for the judges. Yeah. We really had no clue!

However, Ty grew up with a wonderful cook (his mother, Bev Henrie), so he had a few tricks up his sleeve. I was feeling a little protective of my dough that I had created, nurtured and raised up to be a pie crust, so I wouldn't let Ty help me "pinch" the edges. Haha. I could tell he wanted to, but I wouldn't let him. I am so stubborn! Poor guy.

So yes. Tonight was fun. I learned a little something about pie making, and maybe even a little something about myself.

What do you do to be an "intentional family"? I need new fun ideas!


  1. How fun is that!!!

    I can't wait until Tyson doesn't work monday nights- -I know we need to do FHE another night if we can't do it monday, but we never make the time!! Sinners.

    Mostly, we just like to mingle on the floor. That's how our intentional family rolls.

  2. I don't think we have ever done a pie!Yummers! I think because Brandon works from home we do alot together "unintentionally" ha but I love to plan stuff.. love how you worded it "intentional family", was it a good book? we often make cookies together and deliver to someone in our ward.. for fhe this monday we are gonna make hearts and write things we love about each other and hang them up through valentines day.. other things we do are bike rides, drive ins, movie nights, jake loves board games.. ok so bella is younger than jake.. could go to park and feed the ducks, picnic in backyard, look at stars on trampoline.. jake still loves all that! ok novel.. anyways, let me know what ideas you have!

  3. Dani! Mingling on the floor sounds like fun quality time to me! Before Bella walked, that's where we hung out, too!!

    Heidi! Yes. It was a good book! You may borrow if ya want! It's probably only a buck to mail it. Lemme know. Ty likes making cookies, but doesn't like when I give them away! haha. I like your Valentine's idea alot!!! I think I'm gonna do that here with my family in Florida!!! Thanks!! We use to ride bikes all the time in FL, but it's too cold in UT. Maybe we'll just move down south with you guys! And again, when it's warmer, we'll feed the ducks, and picnic and look at the stars! Ha. Sorry for the novel in return!! Lately we are pretty lazy. Sometimes we'll play hide and seek with Bella. She loves that. She's finally getting old enough to help me bake and mix for cooking among other things. So that's fun. I just try to involve her with whatever I'm doing, so that we're actually 'together' when we're together in the same room. Yannow?


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