Friday, February 4, 2011

Cuz you had a bad day...

Well, not really.

Surprisingly it was a day full of those little blessings in disguise.

It all started last night with the blazing fever.

Bella was up from 3am off and on until we had to leave for the airport at 8am. Poor girl! Somehow I enjoyed taking care of her all night long and feeling so needed. Ty agreed. It pains us to see her so miserable, and nothing is worse than feeling helpless!! But somehow, it truly was a blessing. I felt such love for that little Bella girl! Holding her burning hot body against mine, praying she would get some sleep. Somehow it was a wonderful night!

Then in the middle seat for four hours on a plane, Bella fought a losing battle - The Nap.

She slept maybe 1 hour, but thankfully we sat next to the most kind gentlemen I've ever met. Ladd on my right and Ray on my left. To Ladd and Ray, I am forever grateful for people like you who empathize with my circumstances, willingly wipe my child's boogies, and share with me a little piece of your story.

Ladd is one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and in a strange and familiar way, it was like we knew each other from another time. Maybe that sounds weird, but I think everyone connects differently to different people, and there are just those 'rare gems' as he called them that you only know for a moment, but feel like you've known for ever. So cool! He identifies mostly with Universalism and is extremely in touch with his spiritual side. He studied massage, wrote and produced his own music (he gave me a CD!), and builds schools in India for service. His desire to reach out to others was incredibly inspiring. He sees his gifts only as tools for serving others - not himself. We talked about things you only talk about with your best friend after knowing each other for years. Insane but so awesome that is possible. A stranger. So awesome.

Then Ray, who got bumped from piloting our plane, and instead rode as a passenger, let me pick his pilot brain about everything airplanes, and I ate it up.

A few things I learned:

Turbulence is his pet-peeve. It's unpredictable.
A 'smooth' landing feels 'smoother' in the front of the aircraft.
Pilots get paid more to fly larger air crafts - greater 'productivity', more people/cargo.
He gets paid hourly, and when there are delays, he gets paid different 'rate'. He got paid to be a passenger today - and lucky him, he got to sit next to Bella and me. :0)
And his father helped engineer the F-14. Amazing!

So yes. The plane ride was a struggle at times for Bella, but truly - I couldn't have asked for better 'neighbors'!

Bella's Grandma Judy, Aunt Isabelle and Aunt Savanna picked us up from the airport, and it was like three squealing pigs all in unison - "BeLLLLLLLLLLLLLa!!!!!!!" Yeah, I am chopped liver.

After a yummy dinner, we decided to take Bella to the After Care office.

"She has the flu and an ear infection."


But don't worry. The staff were so awesome. It was like we were the only people on the planet who had a sick kid.

A few gags and two popsicles later, we were on our way to the pharmacy!

And after we got home, this happened. Time for size 5 diapers! Sorry if it's too graphic. Wait. No I'm not. This is my blog. You don't have to read it!

So the moral of the story is: Blessings are everywhere. Just look for them!

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  1. I had a day like this a few days ago but it took me a good portion of the day to realize my blessings and what a lucky girl I am.. and mine didn't even have a big blowout!! Good job Bella..That was a good one! Hope Bella is feeling better soon and have so much fun in Florida!!


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