Thursday, September 18, 2008

We What? happened.
We missed our flight.
We would be one hour closer to Utah right now.
Instead we are watching Friends.
In the Best Western.
Waiting for our Pizza Port food to deliver.

It's moments like these that you're sure God has a sense of humor.
Hopefully standby is good to us tomorrow.
Do us a favor.
Cross your fingers and say a prayer!
Thanks! :0)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New York New York

The most delicious Greek Gyro from the farmer's market in Ithaca, NY!

At the Taughannock Falls

The Empire State Building! It's so majestic.

The Crew - Me, Ty, Bev, Rouel, and Dani

On our way to New York!

Well, we're still here in New York and having a blast! Ok, so I'd be lying if I left it at that, because I think we have all had our moments of impatience.
One small car, 5 people...yeah, that just adds up to trouble, right? It's one of those trips you will look back at and just laugh, ya know?

So, we visited New Jersey the first few days to see Dani's people and now we're in New York visiting Ty's old mission areas. It's so BEAUTIFUL out here!! The weather has been perfect. In the low 70's and overcast. We visited Ithaca where we ate yummy food at a farmer's market, then saw Cornell University! So old and historic! Now we're all pooped chillin in our Comfort Inn. I love traveling, but I sure can't wait to sleep in my own bed again! We're off to see some more beautiful scenery tomorrow! Prepping my camera and my patience right now! Wish me luck!

flight 930am. Arrived 330pm.
Drove the car rental to Lee's house.
Koren Dinner in china town?
visited with Lee Stowell in Milburn, NJ. Saw Dani's friends Lisa & Scott Oneill and Dan, Kay and Elisabeth Herr (Dani was nanny for Elisabeth)
Italian dinner, garlic knots from Jerlando's - Ty's favorite from his mission
Visited Teryn's old homes.
Afton, NY to visit Joe and stay the night there. Enjoyed visiting and huge pizza at his home.
Greene, NY to see Ty's old mission apartment
Ithaca - farmer's market, yummy Gyros!!
Taughannock Falls
Ithaca - Comfort Inn Suites
Visited Cornell University and dinner - Beautiful hills and historical buildings.
Watkins Glen - amazing!!
Visited downtown NY to see Teryn's friend, Sotiris. Showed us Grand Central Station and bought lunch.
Missed our flight because of construction and traffic. Stayed at Best Western. Caught a flight next morning.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Fish

This is our cat.

His name is Fish.

He entertains us for hours!

And looks funny when he stretches.

Fish likes hide and seek.

And enjoys a cat nap here and there.

Fishy lives on the edge.

Are we a little obsessed? Yeah, maybe a little.