Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the Potty

Bella stood in the bathtub, pointing down town and said, "poo poo".

Ahh! Not in the tub AGAIN!, I thought.

I took her out and plopped her on the toilet. I figured what the heck - maybe with my perfect timing, she'll land it in the potty.

False alarm. No poo poo.

Bella watches closely to see what's gonna happen next.

Then we hear it. That familiar bathroom trickle. Lovely, I know.

I didn't know I'd be so excited, but I was! I held off on yelling for Ty and let her go a little more....but I couldn't hold it in (no pun intended)..... I yelled for Ty to come, and I ruined it.

She started to cry. I must have really yelled loudly, because she was pretty upset. I figured I ruined any chance of her continuing her interest in the potty.

Then I figured the ol' Pavlov dog trick would work - Reward the behavior and give her a treat!

So hopefully all she remembers about that experience is the part where she got a hershey's kiss for going on the potty.

I pulled out her pink and sassy training toilet after that whole dealio, and she couldn't stop talking about the potty. Then she found her baby's training toilet and it was all over.

She worships her little toilet now. It's the cutest thing to hear her exaggerated voice inflections as she jabbers about the potty.

Bella's personality is really blossoming recently and I love getting to know her with each of her new changes. She's the coolest person I know! No one else can get me to roll on the floor and pretend to be a horse, or sing "Wheels on the Bus" over and over while I drive. And no body else can get me THAT excited about going on the potty! Ah, how I love this little girl.


  1. Ha ha, that is awesome!! We need to go visit soon =0)

  2. that is the cutest little potty chair! How's it going??

  3. Yey Bella! I was hopeful before baby #2 came along for Peyton to be potty trained. She had success a bit before x-mas and still loves to sit on the potty, but when she actually needs to go she gets really nervous and asks to get down. Oh the joys. Hopefully Bella keeps the excitement alive!


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