Saturday, February 5, 2011

84 Degrees

Horribly, terribly, awfully wonderful weather. The high was 84 and it was a real rough day. Bella and I are loving every second of being outside.

Out for a walk on a gloriously beautiful day.

We got to see our dear friends Sienna and Eamon, and met their beautiful new addition, Cosette!

Bella was so happy to see her "Eamon" again! (She's sportin' Eamon's hat for his new home in D.C. soon!) Eamon has not stopped saying Bella's name since we left 4 months ago. He's in love. No doubt about it.

Eamon and Bella being silly, and Sienna with her beautiful miracle, Cosette.

Not only was my breakfast delicious, it was so pretty!

Cheeser One and Cheeser Two watching Finding Nemo.

I think we were outside all day.

Watch your step!

Bella loves her Aunt Isabelle.

Wish you were here!

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  1. As the snow is pouring outside my window here in Chicago, I am green with envy. Seriously.


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