Thursday, February 24, 2011

Born to fly

In high school, my mom said the country tune "Born to Fly" (By Sara Evans) was my theme song. I think I am finally understanding my mother's emotion behind those words.

Bella wore these darling little wings today, that she identifies as "Bah-whys" (Translation: Butterflies). As I helped her put them on, I watched her eyes light up with excitement. She was a "Bah-why"!

"Born to Fly" makes analogies to a bird spreading it's wings and flying out into the open world, so when Bella put those wings on, I just started singing that song out loud to her. She joined in by jabbering here and there, but it was just an interesting realization.

My mom watched her baby girl grow and learn to fly and now I'm watching my very own winged baby learn to fly. My baby girl seems to be a "Bah-why" though, not a bird.

Either way, she was born to fly!

She's tiny. She's lively. She's my everyday joy.

How I love this girl! And those CHEEKS!

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  1. "How do you keep your feet on the ground , when you know that you were born to fly1"~Such a sweet memory Em!! Yep, that's you!! I love those pictures of Bella!!


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