Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fat and Happy

Feelin' perky before she got her shots. Her stats: height - 26.75in (97th percentile) & weight - 15lbs 8oz (75-90th percentile).

The battle wounds...and a smile? Yeah, that was temporary.

FINALLY setting up the crib.

Bella enjoyed the swing and got a little discovery channel lesson in the mating rituals of ducks.

Lovin' the swing!

Bella is so entertaining! We are always amused with what she's doing...folding her body in half and grabbing her feet, drooling, gabbing on and never gets old!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 Blissful Months

Swimmin' in the ocean!

Grabbin' Daddy's face

Lovin' on those fingers! Mmmm

Bella has 15 Henrie cousins and 3 more to come!! How fun!

My sweet little Bella! She's already 4 months old!!

Last night I finally tried letting Bella sleep through the night and it was a success! I have had her in the same room as me and usually in bed with me, well, cuz I'm lazy, and because I love to snuggle with her. With the help of a good friend, I finally decided to put her in the other room and give her the paci instead of just feeding her in the middle of the night and it was a breeze! I think Bella was ready to sleep through the night a long time on the other hand...I was takin' my time.

Bella grabs her feet now and it's hilarious! She laughs more willingly, but still makes us work for it. And she still explodes a diaper everyday. Wonderful!