Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dills, Goodwill and Broccoli

Dill pickles?
No, just the awesome, wonderful, amazing - Dills family!

The Dills family rocks my socks off. A seriously multi-talented laid back family, who know how to laugh!! We had a short, but very fun visit today!!!

Heather became my friend when I asked her to teach me how to create and sew a baby book with interactive pages. In exchange, I got to teach her son Andrew-the-Awesome how to play guitar. I knew her oldest daughter Alonna from the youth program at church, and my silly Samantha always hung around and sang to me when I would come visit. Oh, and she would bake me cookies. Huge gallon sized bags of cookies. And she would watch Bella for me. They are awesome!

Heather and I with my cheeser girl. Alonna, Sam, Bella, Andrew and Mr. Harp. Yes, a harp. Heather plays beautifully, too!

GOODWILL HUNTING! No really. We went bargain hunting at Goodwill.
$4 Shirt. Check.
$5 Red shoes. Check.
$1 Crocs. Check.

I know material things shouldn't give you this much joy, but really - a bargain just feels so satisfying!

The fabulous friend Lindsay met us there, where she found some sweet yellow heels! Bella and I wrestled over who was getting the shirt.

Broccoli anyone?

We enjoyed dinner at Chilis tonight with Grandpa Buddy and Grandma Laurie, who drove up from their beach home on Gasparilla Island.

Grandma Laurie and I stayed up a little later than we should have playing "AI" (We call him AL), in a few games of Scrabble on the Kindle. Addicting MUCH! We won. Take that, AL!

Mac-n-Cheese and Broccoli. What more could a kid want? Oh, and some PEH-PER. Bella loves pepper.

Fun day.

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