Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Happy 2nd birthday to Bella's friends Zander and Olivia!

We joined their celebration at Boondocks fun center and had a blast. Those 2-year-olds know how to party!

Bella insisted on wearing her Belle dress up outfit to the party, so she was a princess today.

A stranger actually said, "Aww, a princess party. How cute." Sure. Why not. Yes. It's a princess party.

Pizza, balloons, friends. Doesn't get much better. Bella showed everyone her balloons.

The birthday moms - Jess and Robyn.

Bella's favorite place was on the "Orrrseee". Zander blowing out his candle!

Olivia with her Grandma and cake cone - coolest idea EVER!

Birthday girl with daddy Dave on right.

Devouring cake cones. Thanks for having us Zander and Olivia! We had a blast!

Bella had enough. Can you tell? She was a little bit tired. Just a tiny bit.

Oh yeah ... and a self portrait cause I totally forgot to be in ONE picture! Ugh.

So much fun! Thanks for having us, friends!

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