Monday, January 31, 2011

Intentional Family

Tonight we tried to be an intentional family.

In college that phrase took on a new meaning for me. I had to read a book called "The Intentional Family" and I learned that being intentional requires effort and time. Sometimes it looks like a family vacation, or holiday traditions, but mostly it looks like quality time spent at home. Making an effort to DO things together.

We try to reserve Monday nights for family night, and tonight we were feeling a little more adventurous than usual.


We made a pie!

Yeah, you heard me. A pie. An apple one!

We still can't remember whose bright idea it was to take on this challenge, but after all the dishes were clean and our taste buds indulged, it was a good experience.

Ty took over the apple peeling, coring, and slicing...And I handled the temperamental dough. We argued about who knew more about pie-making, when really neither of us had ever made a pie. We mostly referred to one episode of "Master Chef" where the competitors had to make a pie from scratch for the judges. Yeah. We really had no clue!

However, Ty grew up with a wonderful cook (his mother, Bev Henrie), so he had a few tricks up his sleeve. I was feeling a little protective of my dough that I had created, nurtured and raised up to be a pie crust, so I wouldn't let Ty help me "pinch" the edges. Haha. I could tell he wanted to, but I wouldn't let him. I am so stubborn! Poor guy.

So yes. Tonight was fun. I learned a little something about pie making, and maybe even a little something about myself.

What do you do to be an "intentional family"? I need new fun ideas!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Buds

Bella and her buddy Olivia hung out today, and it was a blast!

Takin' a break from the busy day

I knew they were both tired when after bath time they both snuggled up on the pillow on the floor. They're so cute!

Bella and Olivia loved splashing each other, making silly faces, and showing off!


My nieces and nephew came over this morning, too, so we had a house full of kids!

I'd say I'm ready for bed! :0)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bella is my little smoocher.

She'll grab my cheeks with her tiny chubby fingers and plant a nice one on me - EVERY time I ask!

I try not to over-do it, fearing she'll get sick of all the kiss requests. But I love it!!! Her tiny puckered lips and her smacking sound afterward. I just want to replay it over and over!

Following her kisses, she throws her body at me (arms open wide) and gives me a big squeeze.

It makes me day complete.

Bedtime smooches.

Bella girl has found the Ipod Shuffle and knows how to use it. Not even 2 years old, and she's a master of technology.

Love my smoocher girl!

Off to bed so I can't talk myself out of the gym tomorrow morning.

Happy sleeping.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog post turned sermon

Today we visited my Florida friend, Michele Bates, down in Lindon, UT, and it was AW-SUM! She was in town to see family, and I'm glad she made some time for me!

She's totally prego and totally cute. I wish she could see that. Instead she only sees her round growing belly and calls herself fat. Maybe she's just being modest. Haha - Cuz she seriously looks amazing!

Not only do I adore Michele, but I also adore her parents! They are the most friendly people you'll ever meet, and her dad will bend over backwards to make sure your kid is happy! He brought the cat inside for her to play with, took her out back to see the fish, and even cleared the leaves out of the pond for Bella to see them better!! Who does that? I mean, really?! It's easy to see why Michele is so accommodating and kind! Thank you Bates family for sharing Michele with me!

On the back porch watching Michele's dad clean out the pond for Bella.

I also got to visit my awesome friend Nikki Randall. She's the bomb dot com. I never leave her house empty handed. She has this motto where if she has more than she needs (clothes, toys, etc), then she gives it away - even if it's in excellent condition or brand new. Not only does it help de-clutter, but she says it's a good way of helping someone else out who needs it. I am grateful for her example! Now it's time for me to get rid of a few things I've been hanging on to!

Inspiring quote to add to this thought:

"We are called upon to love God first and over all. The moment that pattern is followed he seeks in us the one thing that we do not really want to give up. Many of us will say that we do not have that kind of faith. But I submit to you that you do not have that kind of faith until you pass that test [of giving up what you don't want to and putting God first] .... It is the love of God that cries out for us to prove our love for Him. He cannot bless us until we have been proved, cannot even pull out of us the giant spirit in us unless we let him."
- Truman Madsen,
taken from Light in the Wilderness, Explorations in the spiritual life

This quote reminded me of my friend Nikki, because of her ease of giving up physical things to others; However, I think this quote requires each of us to take a deeper look inward...beyond the physical things.

My character flaws, my temptations, my laziness to change. It's like I'm one foot in and one foot out sometimes.

I think, "Oh, I'll give up this one thing, but not that one."

Maybe it's time I gave up that one thing I don't think I can give up. Will you do it, too?

This is my blog post turned sermon. Thank you, come again! :0)

PS. Bella made a body portrait using pen. She's an artist.

Cousins Everywhere!

I loved my cousins growing up. Oh, and I guess I still love 'em now. :0) Visiting during holidays and summers were something I always looked forward to... And of course, still do.

That's why I'm happy that Bella has the luxury of being around her cousins all of the time now. It's so awesome!

My sister-in-law, Mindy Henrie, lets me watch her three youngest kids on Friday mornings, and yesterday, we had so much fun!

We started out playing with the kitchen set. Jacob (5) was the server and 'cooked' the 'fish' (gold fish) while Emelia (3) 'boiled' the 'potatoes' (yogurt covered raisins). They have the best imaginations and played so well together!

Later we decided to make some bread sticks and a loaf of bread. We figured out what all the numbers meant on the recipe and measured away! Rolling the dough and cutting out shapes was their favorite part. Bella copied everything they did and seemed to love playing with them. The spaghetti lunch was a hit - Emelia would say, "More shasheges, please!" It was so cute.

I am so excited I get to let my creative juices flow every week with them! It's fun to 'pretend' and not feel stupid. Kids rock.

Jacob rolling out his dough and Bella cookie cutting the dough for some crunchy bread trees.

Mixing, pouring, measuring and mess-making. It was a blast!

Cheezin' for the camera!

Bella sure loves her cousins!

Friday, January 21, 2011

On a Whim

Monday - Drove 5 hours to St. George.
Tuesday - Drove 2 hours to Las Vegas.
Wednesday - Drove back to St. George.
Thursday - Drove back to Ogden.

What a week!

Bella and I decided to visit our awesome friends who recently moved to St. George - Tami and Mike Deleeuw and their sweet kiddos. And in between our visit, we decided to visit Bella's Great-Grandparents, aunts, and uncles in Las Vegas.

It was a short last minute trip, but a fun one indeed!

A day at the park in the warm 65 degree weather! Woo hoo!

William and Bella loved playing in the crib together. Bella would jump up and down, nearly toppling herself over the side, while William just stood by and laughed.


At the park with Victoria (4), Henry (2.5), William (10mos) and Tami (Age not to be disclosed!)

Complete cheeser. I let her think she was kicking me with each swing...Apparently it was hilarious.


Bella loved being outside!!!

I want to ride my bicycle....Biiiiicycle!! Biiiiiiiicycle!!

Puffy-eyed morning at Tami and Mike's.

Lovin' on her Great-Grandma Connie.

Smiles all around. This was after about 5 takes. Someone always had their eyes closed.

Bella was more than loved with her Great Aunt Jeanne and 2nd cousin Sofia. Bella called her "Fia Fia".

Great-Grandpa Lou opening a chocolate for Bella.
"Treat", she would say, and what Bella says, goes.

Uncle Jack loved to tease Bella and Aunt Janice made sure she had all the chips and bean dip she wanted!

Great-Grandpa Lou loved spoiling Bella with brownies and ice cream, followed by sticky kisses!
My cousin Amanda and I practiced prom poses so she was prepared for her upcoming prom!!
My aunt Terri , uncle Jamie and cousin Jacob also came to visit. It was soo awesome to see them!!!

Snugglin' Great-Grandma Connie in the tiny chair.

Grandpa Lou cooked a killer breakfast for us, and later that day Bella got to snuggle up with her Great-Grandma Connie during a nap. Grandma Sheila is a talented embroiderer and showed me some of her latest works-in-progress. Cousin Jessica also came to visit. She sleeps during the day b/c of her BF's work schedule - despite this, she took the time to come see us! Such love! Did I mention she's quite the comedian?

Great-Grandpa Lou, cousin Sofia, and Bella girl. Oh, and me.

One last hoorah in St. George. We visited a nearby duck pond located by a golf course. So pretty! The geese and I got up close and personal. They were pretty tame and friendly, eating crackers right out of our hands. I don't know why I feel like I need to pick them up, but it's fun! Just as long as they don't poo on ya!

Basically I had a super fun week with my awesome family and friends. Thanks to all for putting us up, even though it was short notice! It was wonderful to see everyone!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired to be better

"My father moved mountains. Not the kind made of rocks. He moved mountains made of ice and coal around hearts."(paraphrased) - Jonathan Raynes

"His dying wish was that his children would promise to take sacrament worthily each week - to actively participate in the atonement; to take upon us the name of Christ."(paraphrased) - Danielle Raynes Kennedy

"Everything I leave behind will be made full again through the atonement of Jesus Christ." (paraphrased) - David Raynes quoting his father Joseph Lincoln Raynes before his passing

"He saw others for the potential they had"

"For everyone here, serve who he served. Serve Christ. And love who he loved. Love Christ." (paraphrased) - Jonathan Raynes

Joseph Lincoln Raynes. A beloved husband, son, father and brother left this earth at age 64 and has left behind quite a legacy.

My dear friend, Stefanie (Raynes) Farnsworth, allowed me the opportunity to attend her father's touching funeral service today in Orem, UT, and what a blessing it was.

I left that building wanting to be better. Truly. I felt different.

At first I found it odd that someone I had only briefly met once could have such a profound impact on me, but I thought, I've never met the Savior either.

Thank you Stefanie for letting me know your amazing father through the eyes of your family. Thank you for that glimpse. I now understand why you are such a wonderful person as well!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Henrie Party

Well, this weekend was a non-stop Henrie party!

We all got together so we could enjoy a little time with this guy (Brandon, who is Ty's bro), and his awesome wifey, Heidi and studly little man, Jake. Unfortunately, Heidi and Jake were unable to make it out this trip, but we were happy to see Brando! We all send her father our prayers as he recovers from surgery!

Side Note: Thank you Mykel and Camille for letting us party at your house!

Getting our Mario Kart game on. I was declared the king of all the land.

Watching the toy helicopter from a safe distance in Grandma Henrie's arms.

Bella's cousins Emelia and Aubrey taking a leap of faith!

Bella was their shadow!

Bella loves her Grandpa and Grandma Henrie!

Cutie pie Teryn and beautiful mama Dani. Apologies to Tyson who I didn't take a single picture of! I'm so lame.

Bella leaping into her Uncle Mykel's arms....again. And Emelia getting a mommy tickle session.

There's that Uncle Mykel Bella swoons over.

Some yummy apricot cake (Made by the queen baker herself, Bev Henrie) and some milk to wash it down!

The new carpet sheds. Just a little bit.

Making progress on a blanket I started years ago.
And daddy lovin' on his Bella.

Naps for Shane and hugs for Mindy and Jake.

Ty is my man of many talents.

Just look at that face I fell in love with.

Cousin Cole, Eliza, Elayna, and Aubrey.

Many cozy moments in the cozy couch!

Bryan keeping that 4.0! You go boy!

Grandpa Henrie winning a tickle fight.
Aubrey and Camille being cute.

This is what I call a 'force-snuggle'.

Enjoying the peace before the mom imposed 'force-snuggle'.

This Henrie clan is not a boring bunch. That is for sure. We made every moment count this weekend! I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family!