Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just for Fun Photo Shoot

These ended up with a grainy look because of how we edited them, but I like it! Very Beetles-esque.

True to the holiday, L O V E!!!

Leaping for joy. It's great to be a teenager!

Savanna (16 and beautiful) and Isabelle (11 going on 21....and beautiful, too!)

Going black and white.

Bella ran all over the golf course. She loves to be freeeeeeeeee!

These girls watch too much Top Model. They were naturals!

Cheese Factory! Or a Cheese Convention.

Sisterly love....and some creepy lurking monster.

Lindsey J, Mary B, Emily B, Savanna, and Isabelle - You are seriously beautiful girls!!!

I feel lucky to know you! That was the best "Just for Fun" Photo Shoot, EVER!!!!!


  1. Look at you and all your talents! Did you take all the pictures? They are awesome! For real! I love the picture of Bella too. She is so darling!!! I love her little curl in the back of her hair. I wish we lived closer so she and Peyton could be buds.

  2. I wish we lived closer, too! Peyton and Bella will just have to settle with being blog buddies for now. :0) And yes, I was the one with the camera. I realize now I should have gotten a few WITH all these girls! Haha..

  3. such cute pics.. you are sooo talented! love'em!


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