Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun but missing daddy

It has been an action packed few days!

Two nights ago, about 10 of us girls met up at a tasty place called Yogurtland. It's the land of fat and guilt-free frozen yogurt, with endless not-so-fat-free toppings. SOOOO delish.

We stayed until they closed at 11pm and had a blast!!!

Yesterday was a fun day, too. I only remember what I took pictures of, so all we did yesterday was play with chalk. SWEET!

Gettin' their chalk on.

For the past few nights, Grandma Judy has been putting Bella to bed. Bella adores the book "No, David!" It's about an adventurous kid always getting in trouble - constantly being told "No." Bella can relate, so she loves the book.

She brushes teeth without a fight and goes down without a peep for Grandma.

Grandma makes brushing teeth FUN!

Then this evening I got to hang out with some awesome girls, who I will always call "mine". I was their advisor in the young womens program at church, and I have missed them since I left!!! So we went to Brusters for ice cream and had a blast.

Lindsey, Mary and Shaina - "my girls"....And the lone boyfriend (Matt) of Shaina who endured our silly girl antics very well!

Savanna, my adorable sister, is also "my girl". :0)

My other "girl", Brianna, was unable to make it for ice cream, so I got to visit her at her house! And Bella enjoyed visiting her cute friend, Eamon.

They were a little bit glued to the TV. Zombie toddlers.

Tonight we enjoyed a quick and yummy Chipotle mexican dinner, where Grandpa Rowdy chased Bella all around the restaurant in her stroller. She loved it, but I'm not sure the other customers did.


On our walk, this squirrel decided he needed a huge pile of moss to take up the tree.
And Bella decided she has beautiful blue eyes to melt me like butter.

We are having fun, but we miss daddy.

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