Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never and dull moment

Grandma Laurie, Grandpa Buddy and Grandma Jettie are in town to visit, and what do we do for fun today?

Go to Walmart.

I think we're rednecks on the inside. Truly.

Last night we enjoyed a very impromptu, but delicious meal - and I'm glad we made the family effort to throw something so yummy together! I think it is now my favorite meal!

Steamed veggies, "throw it in" salad, parmesan angel hair pasta roni, and italian dressing chicken fingers, rolled in italian bread crumbs. D-LiSh. This family knows how to whip out something good!

Bella loves playing with her Great-Grandma Jettie (Rowdy's mom). They read books, played with stickers, and played peek-a-boo.

Grandpa Buddy showing his excitement for my constant picture-taking.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.

Tonight after dinner, my mom and Grandma Laurie got a case of the Midnight Moving Madness!! They put Rowdy and Grandpa Buddy to work and started hauling in unused furniture from the garage to rearrange Savanna's bedroom. Silly girls. It looks pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Great-Grandma Laurie checking in on all the bedtime commotion with Grandpa Rowdy and Bella.

OH Yeah! I can officially KNIT!!!

Thanks to the Knitting Queen herself, Alissa Eng! She let us knitting wannabes come to her house, use her shower after the toddler had a "poop-tastrophy", completely trash her house, and oh yeah - she taught us to knit. Somewhere in between all that other stuff.

She rocks my socks off - yes. The ones I will knit someday.

Alissa the Great teaching us how to knit our hearts out.

Church tomorrow. Probably more picture-taking and knitting to happen. Attempting a washrag. We'll see.

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