Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cooking Queen

It's been a busy few days, but I only have a few pictures to prove it!

I think every day this week we had someone elses' kids over to our house. It was awesome. Bella had someone to play with every day, and I got to practice my cooking skills on them all!

We enjoyed sushi one night. Massaman Curry on another.

One morning we had chocolate chip WW (whole wheat) pancakes with the Thompson's kids. I wasn't sure if these kids were into WW stuff, so I just didn't tell 'em until after they ate it. I didn't hear any complaints!!

Then Thursday I had the Hansen kids over in the morning. I couldn't convince the 2 and a half year old to eat anything but teddy grahams and fruit snacks. Fail. The 9 month old, however, ate EVERYTHING I fed him. Such awesome kids.

Thursday night, my fantastic neighbor Tina came over so we could figure out how to make some homemade chicken noodle soup - stock and noodles, too! We followed about 4 different recipes and pretty much winged it, and it turned out WAY good!!!! Then she taught me how to make red hot popped corn! Oh wow. It's like caramel corn, but with melted red hots instead. Super Mmmm. Try it. (Yes, without a recipe! We did!)

Tina and Bella tasting the red hot popcorn!!! Mmmm

Cutting the egg noodle dough. Holy easiness. This is a must-try.

Then yesterday morning I watched Mindy's kids (mi fabuloso sister-in-law), and we made oat bran chocolate chip cookies - also with WW. I think I devoured the most. Easily. The recipe actually called for oatmeal, but since I was out, I used the food storage "oat bran". It just gave the cookies a grainy delicious texture. Success!

Jake (5 yr old) wouldn't eat the homemade chicken noodle soup I offered for lunch (too many things and green things), OR the rice I offered. What kid doesn't like rice? So he settled for a peanut butter and honey sandwich - Except I didn't have honey. So I used Agave Nectar....shhh. He had no idea! I like agave cuz it's a healthier option to regular syrup (but I make up for that in cookie consumption!). ANYWHO - I was feeling like I won that 'food battle' with the 'honey' replacement. Mu-ha-ha-ha.

Then that night, I watched little Olivia (or "Boo") while our friends (Robyn and Dave) went out for a movie. We trade off now, and it's great! Boo is a great eater, but apparently only when it's at my house. Haha. Clementines, brown rice, chicken. She loves it. But not when she's at home! So funny. Bella and Boo entertained me with their giggle fests, just actin' like silly 2-year-old girls. They are so cute together!

Bella playing dress up tonight. She's the Belle of the ball.

Today we actually drove to Logan to visit my friend and sister-in-law, Dani...where she cooked for ME! Beto's style pork, potato burritos, rolled and baked at 425 for 10 mins or so. Those are my favorite kinds of recipes, cuz you can put whatever you want in them, roll them up in a tortilla, and voila!

And tonight, we had left overs. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow the crock pot will do the work for me. Thank you, come again!

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  1. MMMM! I just ate dinner but you made me hungry again! =0) We need to visit you to experience some of this yumminess. I have another INCREDIBLE chicken noodle soup recipe if you ever get curious! Homemade noodles are the best, huh!


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