Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Happy 2nd birthday to Bella's friends Zander and Olivia!

We joined their celebration at Boondocks fun center and had a blast. Those 2-year-olds know how to party!

Bella insisted on wearing her Belle dress up outfit to the party, so she was a princess today.

A stranger actually said, "Aww, a princess party. How cute." Sure. Why not. Yes. It's a princess party.

Pizza, balloons, friends. Doesn't get much better. Bella showed everyone her balloons.

The birthday moms - Jess and Robyn.

Bella's favorite place was on the "Orrrseee". Zander blowing out his candle!

Olivia with her Grandma and cake cone - coolest idea EVER!

Birthday girl with daddy Dave on right.

Devouring cake cones. Thanks for having us Zander and Olivia! We had a blast!

Bella had enough. Can you tell? She was a little bit tired. Just a tiny bit.

Oh yeah ... and a self portrait cause I totally forgot to be in ONE picture! Ugh.

So much fun! Thanks for having us, friends!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Born to fly

In high school, my mom said the country tune "Born to Fly" (By Sara Evans) was my theme song. I think I am finally understanding my mother's emotion behind those words.

Bella wore these darling little wings today, that she identifies as "Bah-whys" (Translation: Butterflies). As I helped her put them on, I watched her eyes light up with excitement. She was a "Bah-why"!

"Born to Fly" makes analogies to a bird spreading it's wings and flying out into the open world, so when Bella put those wings on, I just started singing that song out loud to her. She joined in by jabbering here and there, but it was just an interesting realization.

My mom watched her baby girl grow and learn to fly and now I'm watching my very own winged baby learn to fly. My baby girl seems to be a "Bah-why" though, not a bird.

Either way, she was born to fly!

She's tiny. She's lively. She's my everyday joy.

How I love this girl! And those CHEEKS!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Count to 5






Without help, she counts to Bigh. I just eat it up!!!

Other favorites...

Chi-cken, said in her high pitched voice over and over.

Highte Highte -
That's, hide for when we play hide-and-seek.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Face Morph...

... is our idea of a good time!

Having a laughingly good time.

On the Wii, there is a photo editing option, and we go crazy with it!

We figured out you could do this a few years ago, and ever since, it has been a favorite pastime in the Henrie family.

The colors are slightly off because I had to take a picture of the TV, but you get the idea. LOL!!!

An eye-squeeze for me and my teeth for Mykel.

Nostril augmentation for Cole and a head lift for Bryan.

Preston with an eye-shift and Ty with a mouth flip/eye enhancement.

Preston with his dad's head.

Everyone with a Bella face. And Bella with some reconfiguring.

And this picture was already on my SD card, so they got morphed, too!! LoL!!! Poor innocent bystanders.

Laughter was among us.

I had such a fun night! If you haven't discovered this, it's time. Use any SD card with pictures on it, and check out the little scissors icon under the photo editing. Bam. Outbursts of laughter. You won't be able to help it. Even those of your family who are tough to crack. This will get 'em every time!

Now go morph some face!

Sleepy Sunday

Bella was unusually sleepy today, and was being quite the crank during the third hour of church. Can't blame her much.

She was hungry when we got home, but her hunger eventually lost battle to her sleepiness. I had never seen her so tired before!

She would dip her cucumber in the ranch, and while chewing, her eyes would close briefly, only to pop open quickly again.

This went on for 5 minutes, until finally she couldn't take it anymore. She turned her head to the side to try and get comfortable, while I ran and grabbed my camera! Poor girl! LoL.

She saw me grab her blankie, and called for it. "Mee-Sees", she said.

I wanted to take more pictures, but I couldn't torture her any longer. Her poor tiny body just couldn't take it. So I carried her upstairs, with her all snuggled in my arms, head nuzzled between my shoulder and chin...Best ever. Love holding her like that. I think I just love being so needed.

She was out when I laid her in her crib, swirled up in a "Mee-Sees" tangle, guarded by all her stuffed animals. Ah! She's the best.


Of course, she paused to give me her usual cheesy smile, only it seemed a little more sleepy looking than usual.

Now I think it's time for me to snuggle up with my "Mee-Sees" for a nap, too!

Happy sleepy sunday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cooking Queen

It's been a busy few days, but I only have a few pictures to prove it!

I think every day this week we had someone elses' kids over to our house. It was awesome. Bella had someone to play with every day, and I got to practice my cooking skills on them all!

We enjoyed sushi one night. Massaman Curry on another.

One morning we had chocolate chip WW (whole wheat) pancakes with the Thompson's kids. I wasn't sure if these kids were into WW stuff, so I just didn't tell 'em until after they ate it. I didn't hear any complaints!!

Then Thursday I had the Hansen kids over in the morning. I couldn't convince the 2 and a half year old to eat anything but teddy grahams and fruit snacks. Fail. The 9 month old, however, ate EVERYTHING I fed him. Such awesome kids.

Thursday night, my fantastic neighbor Tina came over so we could figure out how to make some homemade chicken noodle soup - stock and noodles, too! We followed about 4 different recipes and pretty much winged it, and it turned out WAY good!!!! Then she taught me how to make red hot popped corn! Oh wow. It's like caramel corn, but with melted red hots instead. Super Mmmm. Try it. (Yes, without a recipe! We did!)

Tina and Bella tasting the red hot popcorn!!! Mmmm

Cutting the egg noodle dough. Holy easiness. This is a must-try.

Then yesterday morning I watched Mindy's kids (mi fabuloso sister-in-law), and we made oat bran chocolate chip cookies - also with WW. I think I devoured the most. Easily. The recipe actually called for oatmeal, but since I was out, I used the food storage "oat bran". It just gave the cookies a grainy delicious texture. Success!

Jake (5 yr old) wouldn't eat the homemade chicken noodle soup I offered for lunch (too many things and green things), OR the rice I offered. What kid doesn't like rice? So he settled for a peanut butter and honey sandwich - Except I didn't have honey. So I used Agave Nectar....shhh. He had no idea! I like agave cuz it's a healthier option to regular syrup (but I make up for that in cookie consumption!). ANYWHO - I was feeling like I won that 'food battle' with the 'honey' replacement. Mu-ha-ha-ha.

Then that night, I watched little Olivia (or "Boo") while our friends (Robyn and Dave) went out for a movie. We trade off now, and it's great! Boo is a great eater, but apparently only when it's at my house. Haha. Clementines, brown rice, chicken. She loves it. But not when she's at home! So funny. Bella and Boo entertained me with their giggle fests, just actin' like silly 2-year-old girls. They are so cute together!

Bella playing dress up tonight. She's the Belle of the ball.

Today we actually drove to Logan to visit my friend and sister-in-law, Dani...where she cooked for ME! Beto's style pork, potato burritos, rolled and baked at 425 for 10 mins or so. Those are my favorite kinds of recipes, cuz you can put whatever you want in them, roll them up in a tortilla, and voila!

And tonight, we had left overs. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow the crock pot will do the work for me. Thank you, come again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the Potty

Bella stood in the bathtub, pointing down town and said, "poo poo".

Ahh! Not in the tub AGAIN!, I thought.

I took her out and plopped her on the toilet. I figured what the heck - maybe with my perfect timing, she'll land it in the potty.

False alarm. No poo poo.

Bella watches closely to see what's gonna happen next.

Then we hear it. That familiar bathroom trickle. Lovely, I know.

I didn't know I'd be so excited, but I was! I held off on yelling for Ty and let her go a little more....but I couldn't hold it in (no pun intended)..... I yelled for Ty to come, and I ruined it.

She started to cry. I must have really yelled loudly, because she was pretty upset. I figured I ruined any chance of her continuing her interest in the potty.

Then I figured the ol' Pavlov dog trick would work - Reward the behavior and give her a treat!

So hopefully all she remembers about that experience is the part where she got a hershey's kiss for going on the potty.

I pulled out her pink and sassy training toilet after that whole dealio, and she couldn't stop talking about the potty. Then she found her baby's training toilet and it was all over.

She worships her little toilet now. It's the cutest thing to hear her exaggerated voice inflections as she jabbers about the potty.

Bella's personality is really blossoming recently and I love getting to know her with each of her new changes. She's the coolest person I know! No one else can get me to roll on the floor and pretend to be a horse, or sing "Wheels on the Bus" over and over while I drive. And no body else can get me THAT excited about going on the potty! Ah, how I love this little girl.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Accomplished

Today's goal:

Avoid unpacking.

And not surprisingly, it was a success!!!

I visited with neighbors, went for a walk, visited Camille (sis-in-law), knitted a scarf (thank you Alissa for enabling that addiction to surface) and had thoughts of going to the grocery store.....but no. I napped instead.

In my book, today was a success!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just for Fun Photo Shoot

These ended up with a grainy look because of how we edited them, but I like it! Very Beetles-esque.

True to the holiday, L O V E!!!

Leaping for joy. It's great to be a teenager!

Savanna (16 and beautiful) and Isabelle (11 going on 21....and beautiful, too!)

Going black and white.

Bella ran all over the golf course. She loves to be freeeeeeeeee!

These girls watch too much Top Model. They were naturals!

Cheese Factory! Or a Cheese Convention.

Sisterly love....and some creepy lurking monster.

Lindsey J, Mary B, Emily B, Savanna, and Isabelle - You are seriously beautiful girls!!!

I feel lucky to know you! That was the best "Just for Fun" Photo Shoot, EVER!!!!!