Sunday, July 27, 2008

what a brat

i was such a brat as a kid! for proof, here is a video of me when i was 10 yrs. - i recorded the tv with my video camera, so it's not the best quality.

i didn't turn out too bad, right?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

camera is fixed!!

thanks to my amazing little hubby tyronious, my camera screen is fixed! it's a canon and i went to
and bought a new screen since mine was cracked, and my man fixed it for me!! he said he went to to find a video of how to do it - sweet huh!!

death will be a great adventure

what a morbid thing to say right? but really, think about it! all the people who came before you and the loved ones you miss so dearly will be there! death is something that constantly boggles my mind. what will it feel like? will i even know i'm dead? i heard at a stake conference from Elder Ballard that death is so natural that we will have to have someone tell us we're dead to know. that's crazy!! i am currently reading a book called Return from Tomorrow about a 20 year old soldier who died, was dead for 9 minutes, then came back to life. it's about his experience while being gone for those 9 minutes, and wow - so far it's amazing. inspiring to say the least. it's by George G. Ritchie. check it out!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


well, it's official. i'm an old fogey because i prefer to listen to the national public radio in the mornings on my way to work instead of listening to music. my dad would be so proud!!

it's crazy! there is a big wide world out there full of controversies, ideas and things! just lots n lots of things! it's great. i love it.

fav snack

cheese and gala apples - my new favorite snack! Mmmmmm.... and leave it to my husband ty to make life more exciting and melt the cheese! what a yummy treat!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new york! here i come!

going to new york sept 13th-18th and i can't wait!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'll miss your face!

it's so great when you find a good friend! someone you can talk with, be sarcastic with, and embark upon great adventures with! usually those friends end up moving away - like to KANSAS or something, i dunno.

so here's to ashley - that great friend who's leaving me behind. you will be missed, that's for sure!!
how to be miserable: hold a grudge.

Monday, July 14, 2008

workie workie

i really love my job. who gets to say that and honestly mean it? i work with girls who have been through hell and back, and i get to help them learn a few life skills that will hopefully assist them in living a happy life. our future depends on the success of these teens and i'm happy to know i can help!

where i work:

for more pictures:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

teryn's funeral

funerals are so tough! this is the second one i've been to in 23 years (that i can recall) and wow. both times it was unexpected, unfortunately. in this picture is alexis henrie, teryn's little 4 year old girl. what a doll.

the things i have learned from this experience are far greater than i could have imagined. teryn's exemplary life of generosity and kindness have blessed me more than i understand. he paid for danielle to go to efy where we met and became fast friends.
then a few months after i met ty, teryn flew me out from alabama to visit ty in utah for conference weekend - which inevitably led us to where we are now - married for 3 years! i didn't even know teryn at the time, but he has blessed my life tremendously and for that i am eternally grateful.

funerals really get me thinking. thinking about all the things i want to say and do before i leave this earth. all the things i need to make right. all the people i need to call, visit or help. i hope i can live up to teryn's example and make every moment count. i am definitely grateful to know my Father's plan for me though! to know this life is not the end. there is hope, there is life after death and i know i will see teryn again. to that great day, i look forward to with faith.

blog blog blog

whelp - here i am. joining the other 100 million bloggers out there. who knows - maybe i'll like it better than facebook, or is that possible? *insert star wars theme music here*... the fate of this blog lies solely at the fingertips of well, me. and i'm off!