Monday, October 31, 2011


Yeah baby. I married that hunk. 

This was for our church trunk-or-treat night. Most people did not recognize us!!

We went to "Grandma Linda's" on Friday night and carved pumpkins with the rest of her party. Bella adores Linda, and asks to see her every day. She says "Ohn see Winda". So we saw our Winda!

Death by cake balls...I never want to see another one AGAIN!

Halloween night, we bailed on our neighborhood and partied in the in-laws hood. 

 Fun-ness was to be had.

Despite Bella's ensuing constipation, she managed to have a good time asking people for treats. Good times.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


 So we celebrated Prenat's 2nd birthday at Boondocks and had a BLAST!
Teju and Naveen were the proud parents, and are also my dear friends!
Bella was a blur at this place. This picture is so fitting. And Ashley with her darling girl Katie, took pictures for us while we raced in the go karts!
 Boondocks was a blast! Thanks for inviting us and for being our friend, Pranet!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Am I in Heaven?

Really...look at that sunset!
Sometimes I actually remember to take a moment and look around me. It's kinda purdy. Okay, it's freaking beautiful here, and when one of these sunsets start glowing, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy.

 Family bike rides will be missed with the fast approaching cold weather!!!
But we look forward to some snowy fun. My friend took me to a sweet consignment sale and I scored some princess light up snow boots for Bella for $5! Along with the snow pants and jacket of course - all $10 used. Can't beat it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nerf Gun Fun

Wanna know what we taught Bella today?
Nerf guns are great pest control! Well, not really...but it's fun to try.
The poor wasp snuck in and was really trying hard to break through the window.

 I guess this is what it takes to get the husband out of his working man cave...let him SAVE THE DAY!!! Look at him in all his nerf gun glory.

So yeah, Bella learned that this is a fun past time, and really a wasp is no match for my wasp-shooting sniper!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letting Go

 I don't like messes, sticky hands or things that just aren't supposed to "be that way" (in my mind).
So I let go a little...yes I let Bella paint my fingernails with the water colors...

And it was actually nice for a change to let go of my own stupid creative-restricting rules!

Go try it! Just ask a two year old to paint your fingernails. And f this 2-year-old decides to paint your arm, don't make a peep and enjoy the moment!!!

PS. Feeling blessed that the fever was done after day 5. The ensuing cough was bearable considering the week before. Then mommy and daddy got sick. But we are now all immune to that invasive viral something...well, at least that strain. It's cousin may come along next week.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fever Day 5

Being sick sucks...

And based on that statement, I have learned this thing about myself....


Yes, this fever has persisted going on 5 days now (for Bella, in case that wasn't obvious by the pictures), and it's been hard to "see the bright side" and be positive! WHY? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me.

Feeling better on day 2, we ventured outside and found this grasshopper.

So here's how I need to think:

I am blessed with a healthy happy girl most of the year.
I get to hold this busy little bee in her sweet calm slumber.
I get to memorize "How to Train Your Dragon" and speak like a viking! (okay, that one wasn't quite as sincere)
I get to be Bella's hero, from morning through night.
I have amazing neighbors and friends who express concern and love for my Bell via text, prayers, and yummy popcicles!
Seriously, I am soo freaking blessed it's RIDICULOUS! 

Behold, the sin of ingratitude is upon me.
Here's to thinking happy thoughts!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beginning to Understand

So, the husband sends this to me in an email today regarding his game...

I think I'm beginning to understand the mood swings! Poor guy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Girls are Princesses

Bella loves her new princess shoes to wear with her princess dress. She asks for this outfit almost daily. 

So if you haven't seen the movie The Little Princess, then you need to watch it right now. 
"ALL girls are princesses, even mean old women like you, Miss Menchin"
It's a must see.

So yes, in case you haven't heard, Bella is a princess. And so am I. 

We may not look like the typical princess, but I believe all girls are princesses, too. We have a Heavenly King and we are each royally divine with an adventure to live and a happily ever after to claim.

If you enjoy good speeches, then listen to this one and be filled:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Faith is like a Seed

The stake Young Women in Excellence program was this night, and I thought it was FABULOUS!

 Here is our table, displaying our gardening skills we have been acquiring as a youth group. The Personal Progress program is what inspires the whole "Night of Excellence" to begin with. It's to help young girls, ages 12-18, set goals, learn about their true identity, and ultimately help them build a relationship with their Savior.

It started off with testimony from the youth regarding each value in the program, followed by a beautiful presentation where the Cox's painted this picture of the Savior. At first it was hard to determine what it was, but eventually you could see the whole picture. It really set the mood and spirit for the evening. Sister Cox spoke about virtue and something she quoted that stood out to me was this.
"What we love, we shall grow to resemble" - Bernard of Clairveaux
 It seemed so fitting with the painting they had just created.
Uplifting night, without a doubt.