Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Bella was unusually sleepy today, and was being quite the crank during the third hour of church. Can't blame her much.

She was hungry when we got home, but her hunger eventually lost battle to her sleepiness. I had never seen her so tired before!

She would dip her cucumber in the ranch, and while chewing, her eyes would close briefly, only to pop open quickly again.

This went on for 5 minutes, until finally she couldn't take it anymore. She turned her head to the side to try and get comfortable, while I ran and grabbed my camera! Poor girl! LoL.

She saw me grab her blankie, and called for it. "Mee-Sees", she said.

I wanted to take more pictures, but I couldn't torture her any longer. Her poor tiny body just couldn't take it. So I carried her upstairs, with her all snuggled in my arms, head nuzzled between my shoulder and chin...Best ever. Love holding her like that. I think I just love being so needed.

She was out when I laid her in her crib, swirled up in a "Mee-Sees" tangle, guarded by all her stuffed animals. Ah! She's the best.


Of course, she paused to give me her usual cheesy smile, only it seemed a little more sleepy looking than usual.

Now I think it's time for me to snuggle up with my "Mee-Sees" for a nap, too!

Happy sleepy sunday!

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