Monday, March 29, 2010

The Latest and Greatest.

Ugh. I really want to go to bed, but I love this bright shiny box I call a computer. It's so fun! I have been browsing other people's blogs - crafting, organizing, stories, home decor...It's so ridiculously addicting. One blog leads to another, and another and another. Before I know it I have 20 tabs open that I want to look at, and it's already midnight! There isn't enough time in the day.

Gazing into the distance. Such a model.

Also, I like to write in an online journal I keep for Bella through a free site called LDSJournal. You don't have to be Mormon to use it, and it's totally free. I can type SO much faster than I can write, and I want to remember all the details of being Bella's mom someday! Hopefully if you don't keep a journal, you will check it out!

(Top) Biking with my friend Michelle. She's nice to slow down for me. (Bottom) Ready to rock.

Tomorrow I teach my third guitar lesson, and I can't wait! My 'student' is such a fast learner!! We are learning the song "Time of My Life" by David Cook tomorrow, since now he knows the chords for it. I'm way excited! As I mentioned before, I am receiving piano lessons in exchange for my time, and I love it! It's nice to be accountable to someone for my progress. I'm still trying to get my brain to make my left hand and my right hand coordinate. It's complicated sometimes!

I saw a free couch and brought it home! (Well, my friend with a big SUV brought it home for me. Thanks again!)

I guess someone at church heard I was teaching guitar lessons, so now I'll possibly be teaching an 8-year-old girl on her Hannah Montana guitar, and in exchange, her mom will teach me how to smock dresses! I have been wanting to learn how to sew, and this is a perfect way to get into it! If you haven't considered bartering, I highly suggest it!

We made time for the Orlando Temple finally! So glad we did, too! (Do you like our sleepy faces?)

Ty is feeling good about things. He's working on a newer version of a game he made for a contest a few months ago. With it's release (for free), he hopes to get more exposure. His next game, Catapult for Hire, he wants to try to sell for a few dollars a pop. It's hard to say after that he's got it "in the bag", because it's so dependent upon how it's received by the players. Someone with deep pockets might see his potential and say "Here ya go - make another game!", or maybe Xbox Marketplace or the iphone can pick it up. It's so "Iffy". Or maybe we just need to be patient and keep learning from this process. We know that God is in control and are grateful for that knowledge. Really I don't have a clue about the big picture. So as Dori from Finding Nemo says, we'll "Just keep swimming" until he reaches his dreams of being an "indie" (Independent Game Developer).

Oops. That box of pasta was OPEN! All I think is: Photo-op!

We leave this Saturday to Las Vegas for Spring Break, and we can't wait! The Zacheas (My mom's family) have not met Bella yet, and I haven't seen them in years!! So I'm sure I'll be posting lots of pictures when I return.

(Top) At the mall playground (Insanity). (Bottom) Grandma Judy snugglin with Bells while she texts all her boyfriends.

We got Bella her first pair of shoes the other day. Pink and sassy, just like her. She walks like Frankenstein in them, and it's hilarious! She loves to wiggle her tongue from side to side and definitely has her Grandpa's dance moves (cute, but very awkward and lacking in rhythm). She keeps us laughing all day long.

Teachin' the babe the ways of the guitar.

I am always feeling crafty. I wish I could craft all day long. There is the cutest towel hanger I want to make for Bella. Here is a link to the tutorial: Towel Hanger Tutorial.

(Top) Made fabric flowers with Isabelle the other day. Bella doesn't appreciate things on her head these days though. (Bottom) Bella loves walking, especially with help!

My dad's family is coming in town this week and I am ECSTATIC! They are a hoot to be with and I can't wait. Bella gets to meet her 2nd cousin Noah (who is a month older than her), and it will be a riot! On Friday, we are all going on a private guided tour to Universal Studios. No lines, no waiting...ya can't beat that, right?

That's my girl!

And lastly - I'm tired.

But I'm happy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

a kiss!

With his mommy's permission, this here is Hot Lips (E'amon)

Bella got her first kiss on the lips at church yesterday! Oo laa laa! E'amon, who is one of her 5 boyfriends, walked right up to her, grabbed her shoulders, and planted one right on her! She attempted to push him away, but it was no use. There was no escaping those lips! For a year and a half, that E'amon knows what he is doing!! It was one of those moments you wished you had your camera. SO stinkin' cute.

Friday, March 19, 2010

day at the park

Bella and I met some friends at the park today and had a blast! She's so fun to photograph, and thanks to Picasa's simple editing program, I was able to create this simple collage of our outing!

I laughed at her while she ate dirt and leaves, and she crawled around until her socks were no longer white! What a fun day at the park! I love watching her observe and explore the little things - things I usually think of as boring or ordinary. Like fallen leaves, airplanes, and trees. Bella finds something exciting about them all, and I love it. Happy day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

biking, napping, and eating toes.

I went for a bike ride today with my friend Sienna, and holy cow - I'm feeling it.

I am guessing we went around 13 miles total, and the last time I biked that much was well, never. Did I mention I was pulling a 30lb trailer, 15lb car seat, 23lb baby, on fat mountain bike tires, on a windy day? I sound like I'm complaining. I really had a blast. I love a good challenge and I love that feeling after a good work out. I also love great friends! Thanks to Sienna for biking with me! :0)

Nap time never felt so good!!!

And to finish the day, Bella and I read books, brushed teeth, then played a little. She decided to try eating my toes. It was so cute how she would grab my feet and laugh when I'd wiggle my toes in her face. She cracks me up!! And don't worry. We just finished a bath. To all those who are disgusted by feet, sorry. :0)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For family and friends far away, here are a few videos:

I went to Walmart the other day and did the family grocery shopping. Wow. My cart was a little bit full - okay, a lot bit full, and when I got home, my mom complained I didn't get enough stuff. Holy crap woman! So I think I'm bringing my mom next time I go.

Bella had a ball, and she was definitely the belle of the ball! She chilled in the cart like a big girl and with that giant flower on her head, she had people doing double takes like they'd never seen such a sight! I must not be in Utah anymore!

We recently battled the crowds at Universal Studios and despite the crowds, had a blast. Our dear friends from Alabama came down to visit, which made our weekend so much fun! We went to church together, painted our toenails, ate lots of food, and enjoyed their company! Thanks to the Fredericks and Westenhofers for stopping by!!

After a few rides, we were in the Mardi Gras parade and threw beads out to our adoring fans. My right bicep was really sore the next day. And the next day. And...Sad.

In other news, this computer's connection is really slow and that frustrates me.

Our craft club clothing swap last week was a success! 8 women chatting, 11 children running rampant, and 1 pile of clothes/house decor. Fabulous! I walked away with some really great free stuff!! Thanks to Lindsay for letting us use her house for craft club! :0)

Tax rebate - here we come! It's looking hopeful people. Where there's hope...there's a rebate check, right? Man, I can't wait to be out of debt. I'm a slave and I hate it. Don't ever get sucked into a timeshare without giving it some TIME. That's why it's called a timeshare. Or something.

Anyway. I taught my first official guitar lesson today! In exchange, I am getting piano lessons, and I love it. My 'student' is 12 years old and he's a fast learner!! I am taking on "One Man's Dream" by Yanni. Excellent. Music is so liberating. I have missed this friend I call Music.

My Aunt Tracy and her family are coming down from Chicago next week, and I am excited out of my mind!!! Then a week after that I'll be visiting my mom's family in Vegas, and I'm equally excited out of my mind!!!

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is the subject of judging. Any and all kinds. When is it okay to judge, or is there ever a time when it's okay? What about if I'm just 'warning' my friend that the person they are about to meet is kind of "chatty" or "shy". Why is it that we need to give people a heads up about others' imperfections? If I was the "chatty" one, I think I'd rather start with a clean slate when meeting someone new.

Or what about that person having a bad day? How about asking "How can I help this person?" instead of "Wow. What a grump." I want to do a better job of giving people the benefit of the doubt, and seeing each situation as if it were me in their shoes.

Through some thought and discussion, I have realized I am rather judgmental. I don't think I mean to be. I'm just lazy about noticing. Really, I have no one to blame, but myself. After watching my guilty pleasure show "The Bachelor", I realized I was encouraging and feeding that judgmental side of me. I am no better than a tabloid, really!

So off with being lazy. I'm aware of it now, and I feel this responsibility to share what I've learned. Any thoughts or experiences with this? Please share!

My butt is numb from sitting. So I think that's my cue. BED TIME. G'night to all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Such a face

Taking toys from all the boys

Wearing her pink puppies proudly

Climbing like a monkey

Eating toilet paper, computer paper, newspaper...all paper, really.

That's my Bella! On March 11th, she'll be 10 months old! How did this happen so fast?? She just got here, I thought?

Her latest talents include dumping the dog's water bowl, mimicking the person in church who leads the music, initiating the game peek-a-boo using the wipe container, working out with me by swinging her arms side to side, climbing up the stairs, falling down the stairs (fear not. we catch her), singing to the hymns, and eating EVERYTHING. Except bananas. Just like her daddy. That's all for now.