Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Sunday

Today was like a family reunion - only with friends!

We went to church and it felt like home. I miss these people so much!!!!

My friend Sienna moves to D.C. this Thursday, so we attended her open house this afternoon. It was so fun seeing everybody there!

Sienna showing me her crafting skills via the "Bow Holder". SO CUTE! So is her baby Cosette and those rockin' curls!!

Oh how I love this girl and her awesome faces!

The beautiful and wonderful Lindsay and Jenny!!

My awesome friends, Michele and Breanna!!!!

Two headed awesomeness! Thanks Noah.

Bella broke Grandpa's glasses, but put them to use anyway.

Auntie Savanna playing with Bella and Grandpa Rowdy spoiling Bella with a yummy lemon cupcake!

Sienna gettin' her groove on at half time, and Eamon doing the 'tick tock' with his Uncle Jordan.

Watchin' mickey mouse on youtube. Bella was more interested in her shirtless man, Eamon.

Authentic Thai deliciousness. It's shredded green papaya, fresh lime juice, tomatoes, HOT green Thai peppers, peanuts, and some other things I can't remember. SO refreshingly good!!

Homemade something-or-others. It's late. I'm drawin' a blank. Isabelle thought she should do the Twilight pose.

Massaman curry. Oh. My. Gosh. So good.

Just so I can remember, curry paste, brown sugar, red onion first, coconut milk, fish sauce (smelly stuff), cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, potatoes, carrots, simmer, add green pepper last. SOOOOO yum.

What a fun and refreshing day with wonderful people!

The end.


  1. We love you too! Stay FOREVER!!

  2. I'm with Stef, you've been gone way to long! We love you! Stay here FOR-EV-ER!
    Ps. I want your Cannon! I love the pics!

  3. It's lovely to feel so loved. :0) Thanks my people!


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