Thursday, October 31, 2013

We be havin' a baby!

9 weeks

15 weeks

Due April 18th, 2014

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My sweet friend's baptism

As a Latter-day Saint (aka Mormon), I believe in being baptized. 

It's an outward expression of our desire to follow Jesus Christ, whom we worship and strive to emulate. We believe that in order to receive salvation, we, like Christ, should be baptized by full immersion. To learn more about baptism, see HERE. Or just ask me :)

My friend Veronica chose to be baptized and it was such a sweet day.

She and I have known each other for almost 3 years from the neighborhood and mutual friends, and I always felt she was a really sweet, genuine person. It has been awesome to get to know her even better - she really is as genuine as she seemed!

Recently she asked to attend church with me, so we went together. She said she loved going because she left feeling like she learned something that would help her be a better person. Her eagerness and desire for improvement is such an example to me!

So I invited her to meet with the missionaries from our church, and she agreed. We met at my house a few times a week and it was so awesome!

Elder Staggs is not pictured, but he and Elder White (right) are the two who taught her. Elder Lewington is pictured on left.

I was honored to sing "Come Follow Me" with a beautiful violin and piano accompaniment. 

Many family, friends, and ward members came to support her! We all love Veronica!

These are Veronica's cute boys with Elder White and Bella.

I am so happy for Veronica and so thankful for her friendship.
We love you Veronica!

I have a testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church restored again to the earth. We have a prophet on this earth again, just like in Biblical times. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and He loves us each so personally and individually. 

I know that through Christ, I am blessed with a happiness which is hard to express. He's my lighthouse in the storm - my constant and steady amid this life of uncertainty. 

For this, I am eternally grateful!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hula Performance

Bella, Olivia, and Halia all performed as part of a Youth Conference this night. There were about 200 in attendance and they performed 3 numbers. Poi balls, the tahitian, and pearly shells. They all did so great!!

They look so grown up with the makeup on. I don't like it! Stay 4 forever!

Bella's sweet hula teacher, Barabara, aka "Grandma Bootie". 

It was such a fun year, and so fun to see Bella gain confidence in her hip shaking! 

She really loved Hula!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Girls day out

A little wishful-thinking shopping and some pizza factory for lunch! I love hanging out with this little girl! I tried not to care so much about manners, noise level or messes... It made our lunch date much more enjoyable. I wish I could eat out every time!!!

Poked in the face much! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flowers and Friends

I'm obsessed with gardening. I think I want to move because of that fact alone! I NEED A YARD!!!!! And an unlimited budget :)

Filled a few baskets I had laying around, since I was too cheap to buy more containers. I drilled  holes in the bottom of some for drainage, then used some fabric to keep the soil from running out. I think I've used every last container laying around! 

My neighbor gave me this garden box, which i LOVE. I added that square topper thing. Use to be an old frame thing. I liked having it raised. 

Left to right: Ruby lettuce, green onions (back), carrots, spinach, swiss chard (back), then more carrots, romaine lettuce and onions. 

Plants make me so happy!!!!!!!

I've been using the spinach an kale daily for salads and smoothies. It came at the right time, because guess what I found in a bag of spinach from the store??? A MOTH! (insert barf sound here)

Below: cucumbers (top left), peppers, kale

The green container there is the one I used for a larger basket - drilled the holes, lined with fabric. I love it! I also love my decorative door from the Henrie farm, as it blocks the noise of the AC unit!

Below plants: Herbs, zucchini (blue pot), yellow squash (yellow pot), cherry tomatoes (with cages), basil (small red pot), and arugula (bottom right)

Apple tree from seed! Aren't they so cute!? These were a complete experiment from a SUPER yummy Opal apple I ate. I recently learned that it's highly unlikely I'll get the same apple tree as the parent tree. More likely to be some super sour variety. Give them about 10 years and we will see!!!

Addison Roberts will be here all week with us while her parents visit Israel! She has adapted so well and seems to be really loving this extended play-date!

Getting dirty pre-church...


For the front porch... HAPPINESS IN A BUCKET RIGHT THERE!!!

Started off with paint...

Turned into body art. The bath after was blue!

Friday, May 17, 2013

North Ogden Community Garden

In March, Bell and I volunteered to help with the North Ogden Community garden, and now we are titled the "Garden Managers". Bella loves this title and proudly tells everyone.

For an improvement project, I decided the 32 boxes needed some nice looking numbers. Lowe's supplied & cut the wood (purchased by my generous donor mother, Judy Gaines!). Then I free handed the numbers & finished it up with brown outdoor paint.

It took a few weeks to get them all painted and dry. Thankfully, we didn't have any casualties with my little helper who likes to paint, too :)

My guy was lucky and got to screw in the numbers to the boxes! He was a willing help, which I so appreciated. It was hard work! 

Bella eagerly wanted to help, but she ended up playing in the dirt pile instead.

The Grand Opening was May 18th, and it was perfect. I had run all over town the month before collecting donations from local businesses and was kind of feeling down that not many people came. But honestly, it turned out perfect, even with the rain!

Lauren and her mom came to support me!  
Jerry from Jerry's Nursery came to speak to us and had some really great tips on making your pots last through the hot summer!

Sam and Brent Wiesenberg built this fence for Sam's Eagle Scout project, and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  
Super happy with the numbers!!!