Saturday, May 28, 2011

St. George

The Drive Down...

Bella had the blow out of the century - I bathed her in the sink at a nearby gas station bathroom. Nice.

While I changed Bella, the cows looked on with interest. Had they never smelled poop before? Surely not.

It was such a beautiful sunset!

Oh how I heart those Bella dimples.

Bored on the drive down. Yes, very. Forgot the Ipod, so I got creative.

Sucker face.

My favorite happy little cloud. I told Ty I want him to put it in one of his games.


Thank goodness for big, long-lasting suckers!

Finally there!!...

Bella was sportin' my swim suit from when I was little! Love them chunker legs!

"This is the life"

Tami Deleeuw - mother of 5 (counting the husband), and my wonderful friend!

We laugh, a lot. I learned quite a bit more about Tami by getting to hang out with her and her parents, too. They are big jokers! Especially her dad, Con. He's an intellectual, mathematical jOkeSteR! Definitely with a sincere side...but oozing with Tami personality! And her thoughtful and loving mother, Gloria. She always had the kitchen spotless and the food ready for the next meal. They are awesome, and it was so fun to get to know them better!

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  1. I love that you took a pic of the blow out! you are hilarious! I love that you take so many pictures I want to be just like you!


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