Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day in Neola

It was a regular day, really...spent with wonderful people!

For some reason every mother's day I let myself think Ty will secretly do some wildly creative romantic thoughtful something-or-other for me without me knowing.... only to be disappointed each year.

This is really unfair, not to mention unrealistic.

He gave me a card that he purchased the day before at the store while driving out to Neola. He said he tried to hide it, but I actually stumbled upon it in the car the day before and figured it was mine.

He wrote a sweet message inside and had Bella scribble in it a little bit.

Really, that's all I can ask for. To be thought of.

This is the Uintah Basin - Ty's childhood stompin' grounds. It's not much on the eyes, but it's all a kid needs - a giant playground!

Why then do I let my expectations inflate so much? I think it might be best for me to focus less on what I deserve and more on what I can give. I mean, I only do a card for Ty on Father's day, how can I expect more than what I give? Doesn't seem fair.

A few times on Mother's Day I thought about how I "didn't get enough", but that entitled attitude dissipated when I looked at Bella. Or while we were at church and Gavin (my nephew) shared his thoughts on the kindness of his mother during sacrament. I cried and realized our greatest reward as mothers are our children - it's a silent every day gift.

Bella is my greatest gift, and I have been blessed immensely by her love.

Bev is Ty's wonderful mother, to whom I owe great gratitude. The example a son is given and the love that he feels from his mother reflects the man he will become...and I can say with all my heart that Bev did a wonderful job, especially with having so many! She gave them each the greatest gift a child could ask for..the gift of love.

Thank you for raising confident, loving sons and for trusting me to take care of and love one of them!

Being silly is what we do best!

Oh how I love this face.

The drive home...

Laughing at her daddy.

My overall feeling on Mother's Day was gratitude...with a mix of entitlement...which I'm working on.

I want to be more creative for Father's Day this year. I think this will help me focus more on being grateful.

Here's to another amazing year of being mother - not the perfect kind, but the best I know how to be.

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