Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothin' Like Family

My Grandma and Grandpa Thomsen and my uncle Gary arrived from Nebraska this afternoon about 5, and we have had so much fun together!! Eating, laughin at Grandpa's off-color jokes, and catchin' up. I love watching my grandparents together. They are like two chattering squirrels, pestering, flirting and in love. It's adorable, and gives me hope to be happily married like them after 54 years!!! Holy moly!!!

Then around 8:30pm, my uncle Steve, aunt Drae, and their three boys arrived from Idaho! I enjoyed playing host, listening to my grandparents banter about the details of how they first met, and watching Bella run, giggle and laugh for joy that she had three little boys to join in on her fun!

Really, Bella was the biggest show-off tonight and it was cracking me up!!! Running circles around the couch, front flipping into her crib, and more giggling than she could handle!!!

10:20pm came quick, and everyone left for their hotel beds. Bella looked like someone drugged her! It was hilarious.

My guess is she'll sleep in until 9am tomorrow. That's what I hope, at least!

Aaannnnd...that didn't happen. She woke up at 6:40am. Lovely.

Bella's Great-Grandma Marion

Kisses for all!

It took Bella a while to warm up to her Great Grandparents, but once she did, she was ALL IN!

Here's to a fun next few days with the Thomsens!!! I wish the rest of you were here!!!

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