Sunday, May 8, 2011

Neola Reception

Upon arrival in Neola, we promptly paid the cows a visit.
Cows have a special place in my life, as well as Ty's - they both remind us of our childhood.
So visiting them, especially with Bella, is exciting. Our instincts say to chase them, try to pet them, and of course, torment them in any way.

We resisted the urge. :0)

Bella seemed to enjoy the cows, especially the cute baby ones!

My was it windy! Just look at that hair!!!!

Ty showed the family his game-in-progress, and let some of the nephews test it out.

Matt, Jake (the groom), and Ty being their usual goofy selves.

Beautiful Kim and Jake - congrats you two!!!

These five went to high school together. Bart, Matt, Jake, Cory and Ty. We had a fun little reunion.

They never really grow up - all kids at heart!!!

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