Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dandelion Eternity

Today we were at a friend's soccer game in the nearby field where we could wander. The sun was setting, the scenery was heavenly.

You were about ten paces ahead of me, with your curls bouncing and your jacket on backwards (so you couldn't take it off). The freshly clipped grass made your boots slightly hidden as you walked like you had somewhere to be.

You stopped for only enough time to turn and beckon me with one arm and say, " 'mon, mommy!"
I almost cried right there.

I felt the rush of emotions come over me like a wave, as I thought about this phrase in a much different setting.

I visualized a day when you and I were together in the life after this one, and your sweet little voice would beckon me again - 'mon, mommy.

It was kind of an unexpected, surreal moment, but one that I am completely grateful for. It gave me hope, really. I like to call those moments tender mercies.

I look forward to that day, when we can blow dandelions together for eternity.

Thank you, Bella, for bringing those glimpses of hope to my life. You are my great blessing.


  1. Gotta make me cry, Emily! There is nothing like a sweet little girl...

  2. stop it already...sheesh! making me cry!

  3. Um...tear! That was the sweetest special moment. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to feel like myself again and notice the positive in things around me like sweet moments with Halia. I found your blog and thought I'd check it out since Sale is snoring away... and despite my exhuastion I can't fall asleep to that. So, here I am. You are so amazing and talented in every way and I feel so blessed to have met such a special person. I admire you and your smile in so many ways. Thanks for being you Em!

  4. oh, that was so sweet. loved it!


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