Friday, May 20, 2011


What do we do on a Friday night?

Drive around.

Until we find a new park.

And some cows.

And maybe even an electric fence. Yeah, Bella grabbed it with both hands, and let me tell you - she was shocked! Okay, bad joke. She was okay, but she squealed and ran like I'd never seen before!!! It was so sad!!

I only thought it was a barbed wire fence, but I should have known by the grass line - it was perfectly trimmed on one side and perfectly untouched by cows beneath the wire.

We had a fun time though. It felt so rural and in the boonies, but we were only a few miles east of where we live!

We found a trout farm where I'm sure we'll make a visit. It's fun exploring with my Bella!!!

"WOOOK MOM! A TOW! ThERE!", says the 2-year-old.

All the cows became curious of their visitors.

Stare down.

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