Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Hike

Beautiful days = GO HIKING!

Well, it was more like a nature walk, but it was still fun.


Bella threw rocks in the stream, chased a butterfly and had us carry her the whole time!
I vote we get a hiking backpack for Bella to ride in!
We want to visit Zions National Park next month, so maybe a Bella backpack is a good idea!

The air was so refreshing and Ty was so happy to get out and taste the beautiful weather! We'll be doing more of this for sure.

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  1. We try to get outside for hikes/nature walks as much as we can too! I actually found a great backpack for Caroline at a resale shop for $7.00 and we use it for everything. Even if you have to pay more, if you are going more than a mile or two, they are worth it! :) You fam is so cute!


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