Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful people...

...make beautiful pictures effortless!

My lens was nothing special - my new one broke (Canon 50mm/f1.8), so I took some pics of my beautiful friends using my not-so-beautiful lens. Someday I'll have crispness and sweet bokeh (lovely lovely blur)! But for now, we worked with what we had. Hopefully the old 35mm film camera took a few good ones, too.

Jaimee is due in like 6 days and she's such a trooper. Pregnancy doesn't treat her well, but you'd never know it. I admire her strength! I'd be a big whiny baby, if it were up to me, but her optimism shines through!

I am so excited to meet this little guy!!! Thanks for letting me take pics of this special time for you guys!!!

Just thought I'd share. Enjoy.

...and a few experimentals from the 35mm film camera, using the dumpster-dive film!...


  1. BEautiful Pictures! You did a great job!

  2. You would never guess the struggles we had with Halia by how these turned out. So talented! Thanks friend!


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