Saturday, April 30, 2011

Women's Conference

What a spiritual high!!

Yesterday I attended the awesome-est, best-est conference ever! No really. It was the best-est.

I LOVED being back on the BYU campus, feeling like a college student again running from class to class.

The classes had varying topics ranging from single-parenting and marriage, to rising above depression and overcoming addictions. There was something there for everyone.

The theme this year was "By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass", which refers to a scripture found in the Book of Mormon (Alma 37:6-7), and I decided that's my motto for life.

I actually decided on that motto a year ago, and I don't find it coincidental that I was able to attend this conference where the theme was "The small and simple things".

At this conference, I felt a burden lifted, like I could actually trust God with the plans He has for me. I don't have to do it on my own! Duh, right?!!

I felt His spirit teaching me...opening my eyes, even waking me up from this mortal slumber. We're all asleep, really...and God is just waiting for us to turn to Him so he can wake us up...little by little. So he can open our spiritual eyes to greater things.

While there, I visited the BYU Museum of Art where many of Carl Bloch's original paintings and sketches are on display.

The museum was packed, with lines, lines and more lines...but the amazing part was the stillness in the rooms...the reverence.

These two paintings especially moved me.

The one on the left shows Christ's loving, protective relationship with the child as He affectionately touches the his cheek and gestures towards him, suggesting an invitation to become as a little child. And the painting on the right shows Bloch's interpretation of the scripture in Luke 22:41-44 where an angel appears to him 'strengthening him', while in the garden of Gethsemane. His hands hang down in a position of submission to his Father's will, and his robes are red representing his 'blood as it were great drops of blood'.

These painting were the size of my walls, even taller actually, and there was no glass to protect someone from touching, breathing or bumping into it. I could get 6 inches away from it to see the details. Amazing.

I visualize that moment now, as if I were examining the Savior in real life...His hands, his face. During his life, He wasn't known to hide behind palace walls, protected from the 'dirty' or 'clumsy' traveler, like myself in that museum of art. He invites all to come unto him, because He has already paid the price for us. No amount of 'dirt' can keep him from loving us.

My dear family friend Cindi Webb from Alabama was in one of the same classes I chose to attend, and what an awesome reunion! It was so great to see you Cindi!

Later in the evening, we participated in one of the many service projects they had prepared. We tied the ends of blankets, but my question is, why do we even do that? The sheet of felt was just fine as a blanket before we laboriously snipped the ends in 1-inch pieces and ties little knots all along the edges. Are we that desperate for service ideas? Or is there a thought out reason for this? Just thinking out loud. Other service activities included assembling hygiene kits and quilting.

I drove alone to this conference, but was certainly not alone during it! My wonderful friends Maile (NJ), Mary (FL) and Bev (CA), were there, and I had a blast with them!!! Thanks for letting me tag along!!

The concert that night was amazing!!! Pianist Josh Wright and singer David Osmond were my favorites!

This conference is 2 days long, but I only went to one day. Next year I'm back for more! Woot! Oh, and of course, thank you Robyn for making it possible by watching Bella all day, and my supportive hubby, Ty, for giving up some work time so I could party all night long, too! I have some great people in my life. :0)


  1. OH.. I am so jealous! I sooooo wanted to go! I didn't plan in time and was kicking myself Friday when I was wishing I was there! Glad you made it! It sounds like it was awesome! Next year I'm there for sure!! I love all your insights and thoughts.. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Next Year!!!WE will both Go!! Heidi, you will come with US!!! Find out the dates and this will be my Birthday present to myself.....and my family!! Emily, I love reading about your thoughts and experiences. I am so grateful that you have such an amazing, strong knowledge and Testimony of our Savior. Love, MOM

  3. I hear ya on the blanket comments! Ha! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You've got a great one here too! And what cute kids! I love all of the quotes and thoughts you have shared!!! - Jocelyn


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