Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Car Trouble Blessing

Today our serpentine belt shredded and we lost power steering.

No, not during our curvy downhills in the mountains.
No, not while we were cut off by an impatient driver.
No, not when we passed the semi truck.
And definitely not on my St. George trip planned for this Saturday.

It happened as we pulled into our driveway. Literally. The second Ty turned into the driveway, crack, snap, tink, grumble. I thought the engine was falling out, it felt so bumpy. Ty had to crank the wheel really hard to make it into our driveway, and whoa. What just happened?

We left at 8:30AM for an hour drive to the Logan temple. Stayed a few hours, visited with Dani and Tyson for lunch, then headed home. Another hour drive. Hills, curves, semis. There are so many what-ifs here, it drives me crazy.

I am completely out-of-my-mind baffled at the timing of the events of today...and those leading up to today. How was it that my car decided to poop out right in our driveway? Why not earlier before making it home? Why not later during my 10 hour round trip to St. George? How?!? How is this possible???

The moment we pulled in the driveway, I knew someone was holding our car together so we could arrive home safely.

What a tender mercy from the Lord!

Here are a few pictures from our visit.

We loved this sign!

I love to see the temple!

Pondering life face.

Oh how i love those lips. Bella stayed with Dani and her cousin Teryn while we were at the temple, and clearly she had fun! She was wiped out!

Thanks Dani for watching Bella, and for the yummy lunch!!

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