Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Gardeners

I have the best neighbors!

The Yaggi family, who I have come to know through church, offered some of their backyard for us to use as a garden!!! SOO AWESOME!!!

For our family night on Monday, we went to their house to get our seeds, soil and small starter pots and planted our seeds. They have a sweet greenhouse we were going to use, but instead will just keep them at our house.

What a glorious day!

Bella was oober excited about something.


Climbing, chasing, running. Life is good.

Getting down and dirty. Bella didn't like dirty hands.

Daddy showed Bella how to poke holes in the dirt with her finger. She caught on quick and found it entertaining.

Farmer Bella.

Mr. Chicken found a delicious worm!

Our seedlings. Carrots and lettuce will go directly into the ground next month when it's warmer. YUMMY!

We watched Livia on the far left the other morning, and had fun in the wagon on a sunny day!

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