Friday, April 8, 2011

The Treehouse Museum the bomb dot com.

It has taken me, ohhh....6 months to finally visit this place, and I'm kicking myself.

On all those snowy, freezing days this winter, I could have been partying at the Treehouse!

Bella was a native american, doing a little fire dance.
Then she was Dr. Bella in the neonatal unit.

Then she thought she'd check out the oval office desk up close and personal. (I did the "Get down from there" voice to pretend I was being a good parent, while I snapped a picture! Haha!)

Bella tried on the clothes of George Washington's days, and I just now realized the only part she's wearing right is the cap. Maybe I should actually read the instructions!

Then she put out a few fires.

My awesome friend Ashley let us be free-loaders with her paid pass! Sweet! Thanks!!

Learning a few things in the classroom, then enjoying a little bull-riding.

Yes. Milking the cow. She's a natural. Could it be her parents were both farm babies?

Oh yeah - I remembered to get in one of the pictures! Woo hoo!

Such a fun day. Thanks Ashley for letting us tag along!! :0)


  1. *Shifty eyes* Is there an age limit at that place?

  2. My favorite blog so far!! Now you MuST tag me in all those photos in FB!!!

  3. looks like a blast! I miss you more now!

  4. I am so glad you guys came with us! It was a lot of fun! Lets do it again!


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