Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let her Paint

The first time I let Bella paint this bird house, I had so many rules.

No painting the lids of the paint.

No painting the high chair tray.

No painting your body.

No fun, right?

And on this day, you can see I caved.
Unrestrained baby Van Gogh!

Ty was telling me about a dude that learned life's lesson early in life, and one of them was, "When you catch your kid painting the walls, be the one handing him the paint".

In other words, don't miss opportunities to nurture your child's imagination. Teach your kids to break your own rules, kinda thing. I loved it, so yeah - baby steps. She can't paint the walls yet. Just herself and her high chair. Ha ha! Weak start, but a start at least.

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