Sunday, April 24, 2011


We really didn't do a whole lot for our Easter Sunday - not even dinner was planned! I'm so lame. I kind of wish I was a little more intentional about our traditions, but now I've got a whole year to plan for next time, right?!

We hung outside with Tina and Lauren (our awesome neighbors) right after church, while Bella rode someone's bike in her easter dress. She loves bikes!!

I did a little egg hunt with Bella and her cousins on Friday, but nothing big. Then today my awesome friend Robyn organized a little egg hunt in the field nearby. Bella FREAKED out - with joy, of course.

When she realized what we were doing, her entire face lit up, and she took off with lighting speed. It was amazing to see her move so fast!!!

I think Ty was as excited as Bella about the treats!

I taught the lesson in young womens today at church about the Atonement, and I think it went pretty well. I certainly felt the spirit of Christ during the song "I Stand All Amazed".

We talked about how the atonement covers ALL pains. I based it on this talk from General Conference a few weeks ago. So good!

Today I felt a greater appreciation for my Savior and the hope that He gives to all.

My heart is full. It was indeed a Happy Easter.

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  1. That wagon has a few miles on has held up well.. it belonged to Madison, Savanna and Isabelle....


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