Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tulip Festival

Enjoyed a brisk spring day at Thanksgiving Point's own Tulip Festival!

Not all 250,000 bulbs had bloomed, but we didn't mind.

We ate kettle corn.

And ran off-path through the gardens. I LOVED having Ty all to myself, and I think Bella did, too. It was a nice break fo' sho'. The Brooksby cousin reunion in Provo following the Tulip Festival proved equally fun and entertaining!!

My digital camera lens that I brought decided to break upon arrival. Heavy sigh.

But luckily I brought along an old Nikon 35mm film camera that my Grandpa Buddy gave me long ago...Where did I get the film, you ask?

I dumpster-dove in my neighbor's trash this morning. Yeah, you heard me.

And guess what I found? 5-year expired 35mm film, still in the shrink wrap! It was a 7 pack, too!

I was planning on stopping by Walgreens on the way out to pick up some film, so I feel like that was a lucky snag...or dive...or something. I'm not encouraging dumpster diving, bytheway. It's a neighbor AND a friend, who I plan to inform about the film's quality. Be cautious if your neighbor has a gun and doesn't like your yappy dog. lol.

800 speed film makes it look pretty grainy, but hey - it was free! And not to mention, much better than no pictures at all!

I called my grandpa to get some pointers on using all the cranks, knobs and numbers, and it was really helpful to pick his professional-camera-man brain! Thanks Grandpa Buddy for helping me out today!

And thank you Raquel, my neighbor, who puts great junk in her garbage!

Cheers to a great day!

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  1. such cute pics!!! I love love love the one of you and Bella walking and you can see her cute wings!


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