Saturday, April 2, 2011

Canning Freak

I've taken a nose dive into food storage recently, and found out that the cannery nearby has a wealth of useful info!

I had a few bulk items needing to be canned, so I borrowed the canner thingy (yes, for free), and bought cans at $1 each, and my FABULOUS in-laws basically did it for me. I applied the stickers, so I helped.

Mykel had the needed muscle and brains to make it work properly. THANK YOU!


Camille was my supervisor. Everything went pretty quickly and now I'm stocked with wheat, beans and brown sugar! Yay!


  1. Hmm.. we've been hitting the food storage pretty good lately too.. didn't know you could borrow one of those thingys.. wonder if its only a Utah deal.. i'll hafta check it out down here! We are trying to get things we will actually use because right now we have a TON of expired food storage. For your wheat, do you have a wheat grinder thinger??

  2. That's awesome you're gettin your food storage up to date! It's so fun once you dive in! What do you do for oils and fats? Have you heard of Tropical Traditions coconut oil? Yeah - that sucks to have expired stuff. I'm figuring out how to use it all finally, cuz you no use it, you lose it....and what a waste! Yes...I have a wheat grinder thinger! haha. That's what I call it, too. :0) I need a non-electric one though, just for back up. But yeah, I love it! I use it probably once a month. I've used a ton of my wheat to make flour with it!...wheat flour goes in EVERYTHING! I have killer chocolate chip cookie recipes, crepes, pancakes. It's so delish. Yay for you though! Keep it up!!!


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