Saturday, January 15, 2011

Henrie Party

Well, this weekend was a non-stop Henrie party!

We all got together so we could enjoy a little time with this guy (Brandon, who is Ty's bro), and his awesome wifey, Heidi and studly little man, Jake. Unfortunately, Heidi and Jake were unable to make it out this trip, but we were happy to see Brando! We all send her father our prayers as he recovers from surgery!

Side Note: Thank you Mykel and Camille for letting us party at your house!

Getting our Mario Kart game on. I was declared the king of all the land.

Watching the toy helicopter from a safe distance in Grandma Henrie's arms.

Bella's cousins Emelia and Aubrey taking a leap of faith!

Bella was their shadow!

Bella loves her Grandpa and Grandma Henrie!

Cutie pie Teryn and beautiful mama Dani. Apologies to Tyson who I didn't take a single picture of! I'm so lame.

Bella leaping into her Uncle Mykel's arms....again. And Emelia getting a mommy tickle session.

There's that Uncle Mykel Bella swoons over.

Some yummy apricot cake (Made by the queen baker herself, Bev Henrie) and some milk to wash it down!

The new carpet sheds. Just a little bit.

Making progress on a blanket I started years ago.
And daddy lovin' on his Bella.

Naps for Shane and hugs for Mindy and Jake.

Ty is my man of many talents.

Just look at that face I fell in love with.

Cousin Cole, Eliza, Elayna, and Aubrey.

Many cozy moments in the cozy couch!

Bryan keeping that 4.0! You go boy!

Grandpa Henrie winning a tickle fight.
Aubrey and Camille being cute.

This is what I call a 'force-snuggle'.

Enjoying the peace before the mom imposed 'force-snuggle'.

This Henrie clan is not a boring bunch. That is for sure. We made every moment count this weekend! I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family!


  1. And everyone is happy to have you =0) I need these pictures on a disc too!! And don't worry about not taking any pictures of Tyson- -he's anti photo anyway ;)

  2. Love Love Love the pics! Bev just sent me your blog link.. hope you don't mind!! She was telling me about all the good stuff! So sad to miss it all but glad you have lots of pics of all the action! supa dupa cute! say hi to everyone!


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