Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cousins Everywhere!

I loved my cousins growing up. Oh, and I guess I still love 'em now. :0) Visiting during holidays and summers were something I always looked forward to... And of course, still do.

That's why I'm happy that Bella has the luxury of being around her cousins all of the time now. It's so awesome!

My sister-in-law, Mindy Henrie, lets me watch her three youngest kids on Friday mornings, and yesterday, we had so much fun!

We started out playing with the kitchen set. Jacob (5) was the server and 'cooked' the 'fish' (gold fish) while Emelia (3) 'boiled' the 'potatoes' (yogurt covered raisins). They have the best imaginations and played so well together!

Later we decided to make some bread sticks and a loaf of bread. We figured out what all the numbers meant on the recipe and measured away! Rolling the dough and cutting out shapes was their favorite part. Bella copied everything they did and seemed to love playing with them. The spaghetti lunch was a hit - Emelia would say, "More shasheges, please!" It was so cute.

I am so excited I get to let my creative juices flow every week with them! It's fun to 'pretend' and not feel stupid. Kids rock.

Jacob rolling out his dough and Bella cookie cutting the dough for some crunchy bread trees.

Mixing, pouring, measuring and mess-making. It was a blast!

Cheezin' for the camera!

Bella sure loves her cousins!

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  1. Oh so fun!! Wish you guys were closer so we could come play!! Love it!!


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