Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uncle Mykel

It's official. Bella is smitten with her Uncle Mykel.

Tonight we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Mykel (Ty's brother) and Camille's casa, and after the feast, I started to notice Bella's interest in her Uncle Mykel. She would run up to him and say, "BOO", accompanied by twirling and sweet dance moves. (That she learned from her daddy)

Then later, I see her inviting herself right next to him in his chair. She would literally throw her arms and upper body at him to get his attention. I was crackin' up!!!

They're Buds.

The rest of the crowd carried on, while Bella practiced her flirting.

Camille and Ava took each other on in a game of TICKLE!! I think Ava won. Who knew Camille was so ticklish???

Aubrey helped me take some sweet pics, including this awesome one of her hilariously, adorably silly billy face!

Aubrey gettin' her cute on.

The boys enjoyed a mind blowing board game with creepy looking creatures.

Beautiful Dani (Ty's sister) and Teryn got their snuggle on.

Teryn chased the dog and tried keeping up with Bella.

And I tried to snuggle my busy body Bella. She wasn't too interested in that.

A happy Sunday indeed.

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  1. How fun!!! Now I need these pictures too!! Keep the blog posts coming- - - love them!!


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