Friday, January 21, 2011

On a Whim

Monday - Drove 5 hours to St. George.
Tuesday - Drove 2 hours to Las Vegas.
Wednesday - Drove back to St. George.
Thursday - Drove back to Ogden.

What a week!

Bella and I decided to visit our awesome friends who recently moved to St. George - Tami and Mike Deleeuw and their sweet kiddos. And in between our visit, we decided to visit Bella's Great-Grandparents, aunts, and uncles in Las Vegas.

It was a short last minute trip, but a fun one indeed!

A day at the park in the warm 65 degree weather! Woo hoo!

William and Bella loved playing in the crib together. Bella would jump up and down, nearly toppling herself over the side, while William just stood by and laughed.


At the park with Victoria (4), Henry (2.5), William (10mos) and Tami (Age not to be disclosed!)

Complete cheeser. I let her think she was kicking me with each swing...Apparently it was hilarious.


Bella loved being outside!!!

I want to ride my bicycle....Biiiiicycle!! Biiiiiiiicycle!!

Puffy-eyed morning at Tami and Mike's.

Lovin' on her Great-Grandma Connie.

Smiles all around. This was after about 5 takes. Someone always had their eyes closed.

Bella was more than loved with her Great Aunt Jeanne and 2nd cousin Sofia. Bella called her "Fia Fia".

Great-Grandpa Lou opening a chocolate for Bella.
"Treat", she would say, and what Bella says, goes.

Uncle Jack loved to tease Bella and Aunt Janice made sure she had all the chips and bean dip she wanted!

Great-Grandpa Lou loved spoiling Bella with brownies and ice cream, followed by sticky kisses!
My cousin Amanda and I practiced prom poses so she was prepared for her upcoming prom!!
My aunt Terri , uncle Jamie and cousin Jacob also came to visit. It was soo awesome to see them!!!

Snugglin' Great-Grandma Connie in the tiny chair.

Grandpa Lou cooked a killer breakfast for us, and later that day Bella got to snuggle up with her Great-Grandma Connie during a nap. Grandma Sheila is a talented embroiderer and showed me some of her latest works-in-progress. Cousin Jessica also came to visit. She sleeps during the day b/c of her BF's work schedule - despite this, she took the time to come see us! Such love! Did I mention she's quite the comedian?

Great-Grandpa Lou, cousin Sofia, and Bella girl. Oh, and me.

One last hoorah in St. George. We visited a nearby duck pond located by a golf course. So pretty! The geese and I got up close and personal. They were pretty tame and friendly, eating crackers right out of our hands. I don't know why I feel like I need to pick them up, but it's fun! Just as long as they don't poo on ya!

Basically I had a super fun week with my awesome family and friends. Thanks to all for putting us up, even though it was short notice! It was wonderful to see everyone!!!

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  1. I was wondering what was going on when I saw your pictures on facebook!! How fun!! Bella is hilarious- -what fun pictures!


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