Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired to be better

"My father moved mountains. Not the kind made of rocks. He moved mountains made of ice and coal around hearts."(paraphrased) - Jonathan Raynes

"His dying wish was that his children would promise to take sacrament worthily each week - to actively participate in the atonement; to take upon us the name of Christ."(paraphrased) - Danielle Raynes Kennedy

"Everything I leave behind will be made full again through the atonement of Jesus Christ." (paraphrased) - David Raynes quoting his father Joseph Lincoln Raynes before his passing

"He saw others for the potential they had"

"For everyone here, serve who he served. Serve Christ. And love who he loved. Love Christ." (paraphrased) - Jonathan Raynes

Joseph Lincoln Raynes. A beloved husband, son, father and brother left this earth at age 64 and has left behind quite a legacy.

My dear friend, Stefanie (Raynes) Farnsworth, allowed me the opportunity to attend her father's touching funeral service today in Orem, UT, and what a blessing it was.

I left that building wanting to be better. Truly. I felt different.

At first I found it odd that someone I had only briefly met once could have such a profound impact on me, but I thought, I've never met the Savior either.

Thank you Stefanie for letting me know your amazing father through the eyes of your family. Thank you for that glimpse. I now understand why you are such a wonderful person as well!


  1. Thank you SOOO much! This post made me cry. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and beautiful synopsis. It was so wonderful having you there. Love you!

  2. I cried too, Emily. Thank you so much for coming, taking pictures and allowing the spirit to touch you. You are always welcome at our home!

  3. You are more than welcome. I will make copies on CD's today. And thank you and your family for letting me be there. :0)

  4. Thank you. I am still processing and I loved the quotes and pictures to help me let it sink in. You are so kind.

    Alison Raynes Smith


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