Friday, January 14, 2011

McD's, Snow and Grandpa

Today felt like 12 days all in one. I think waking up at the butt crack of dawn does that to ya.

Today's Highlights:
Dominating the McDonald's playground at 9am. It was just us, Camille and her girls. So fun!

Naptime. The best highlight EVER. Mom got one, too. 5 AM killed me!!

Playing with dad in the snow. Mom rarely goes outside. BRRRRRRR.

Playing Piano with Grandpa Henrie. He's such a kid and Bella adores him!

Enjoyed homemade pizza with Ty's parents (Bev and Rouel) who are in town visiting.

Watched a brain twisting movie - Inception.

Ate some fresh WW bread. MMMM.

Now. Sleep.

Yay for another day!

Oh, and the downstairs is clean. YAY.

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