Monday, November 21, 2011

Minecon in Vegas

 Aunt Jeanne and Grandpa Lou (Bella's Great Grandpa!)

 Grandpa Lou painted these in his 40s. He just decided to take painting lessons one day. I would have never known about these unless I was nosy-ing around in his closet! COOL! My Grandpa said he loved the wrinkles and the hair of these native american women. He said they seemed to tell so many stories, and he liked that.

 This middle picture is my Grandma Sheila from a wedding where she was a bridesmaid. How beautiful!!!

The whole reason we made a trip to Vegas was for the Minecon Convention (held at Mandalay Bay Resort) that the makers of the popular game Minecraft put on. Ty was selected to join the fun, and talk about his game for half hour in a low-key setting. Fun! He decided it would be a more productive trip to also purchase a kiosk where people could play test his game. SO glad he did that!
 Look closely on right - there's Ty's name!

Many came outfitted for the occasion sporting some of the game's characters and creatures. Ty's kiosk on right. He loved watching people play and give feedback. It seemed well received!

 No doubt, a sold out event! 5,000 in attendance from all over the world!

 I was able to get permission to "sneak in" to see Ty do his presentation. We had fun together, and I'm thankful to my grandparents who watched Bella for most of the day! They were just a little bit worn out! haha.

 We attended the class on making game music, where his friend Mattias was on the panel. Surprisingly I found the topic interesting and fun!

 Mattias in the middle. He made the opening music for Ty's game and it's fabulous!

On Saturday, while Ty went back to the Minecon fun, I visited with my Grandma Connie and my Uncle Joe. M

Uncle Joe and Gramma. These Australian swans had apparently made the news recently for their presence in Las Vegas! 

 Loving her Great Grandma Connie.

 This duck? didn't have a chance!

 Macaroni and tomato juice. It's a family favorite and just plain comfort food. It 

 Grandma wore her right out!

 Grandma's cute new apartment!

 Aunt Janice and her fiery red hair! Love! And Grandma Sheila with my Aunt Terri.

 Cousin Amanda contemplating life and Grandpa grillin'.

 Bella was using this duck noise maker and laughing tears at the reactions of everyone when she squawked.

 Amanda embraces life to the fullest.

 Doggie Bella.

On our way back from Las Vegas, Bella decided she didn't want to go potty in her diaper. She refused. So we pulled over, and while mommy held her ankles, and daddy held under her armpits, the went potty on the rocks. And that was apparently really cool.

 So we did it one more time during the 7 hour drive home.
When we made it to a gas station later, she told me "NO" and said "Go potty on rocks, mommy". She's just becoming one with nature. That's all.

We stopped in St. George to see old friends and it was awesome to see the Deleeuws! 

My friend, Tami. She da bomb.

Vegas was fab. 
Now off to Colorado and Nebraska!

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