Thursday, November 3, 2011

Door to Table Conversion

 So the real "before" didn't get it's picture taken. It looked more like a cream white beat up door, as you can see on the underside.
 I borrowed a friend's sander and got rid of most of the paint chips. Then bought $3 hinge thingys, begged my carpenter friend for free screws, and gave the honey something TO DO! 
Actually, I will admit I tried my hand at the power drill...that things got a mind of it's own!
 My fabulous neighbor, friend and decorator helped me stain it after I gave it a light coat of paint. Okay, she did most of the work.
 MAN she's good! I only did this one side.
 Looks KEWL right? Even the husband thought it fabulous. He had the bright idea that we could make money off of this, and that's when I put on the brakes. This is a one time project, I told him...cuz it seriously took me 3 months to complete!!!!!
So that's all. Just feeling good about finally finishing one of my many, and I mean many, projects! 

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