Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Nebraska Pt. 2

 The house was packed, but oh so fun.

 My beautiful aunt Justine and her boy Joe.

 Dinner for three! My awesome aunt Barb with her new hubby Steve. Such a cute couple!!

 My favorite squeeze.


Showin' my card tricks to the cousins, and snuggling with Grandpa.

 On the old brown couch!

Madi came to see us the first night we arrived in Colorado, and we finally got to meet her hubby-to-be, TJ! He was adorable and awesome. I had a fun time getting to know him!!

Bella snuck out of the bath tub while at my dad's house, and decided to venture into another room. I found her wearing this. In the buff. I could not stop laughing. 

 Bella was so comfy with TJ and Madi, and their tiny puppy wedged between!

 Lovin' on the puppy.
 Maxin and Relaxin. Bella does this best of all.

Madi be funny.
 Madi rocked at making her first Thanksgiving feast!!! This was our mom's stuffing recipe. DE-LISH.

 Their cute doggie and then the stuffed turkey. I think the dog was wishin' he could get in on that action.

 Chef Ramsey bossin' around the line cook. Poor TJ. Haha

 TJ is an excellent helper

 All the yummy foods.

Bella really had fun with her Grandma "Shell" the last few days we were there. It was just the two of them, since my dad left back to work, and Bella loved spending time with her! They went to the park one day, read books, and basically wore each other out. Maybe Michelle and little more than Bella. :0)

And one to prove I was there.

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