Monday, November 28, 2011

Bargain Bin

The Bargain Bin is a tiny thrift store in North Platte Nebraska where I go WAY back!
When I was little, my mom volunteered there, and apparently she'd trap me in a pack-n-play while she organized the mountains of jeans and junk.

So maybe that's why I love this place more than the average person.
Last year my Grandma took me there at my request so I could find buttons.
So I had to try for more this year!!

Jar of buttons:$2
Bag of yarn: $.50
Wool yarn: $1

Lovely Lovely junk = my treasure.

My Grandma Marion still volunteers there monthly!
 My cousins took care of Bella while we went digging.

Lastly, I scored these awesome clip-ons for $.25
I know they really aren't that cute, but for some reason I LOVED them!

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