Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snow!

 I knew it was coming, but it's a reality check once it comes! Time for summer gear to hibernate, and winter gear to come out and play! These are the adorable light up boots I snagged at that consignment kids sale for $5! And the snow pants and jacket for a steal as well. So we played in our new gear!

Bella kept eating the "ice". She corrected me every time I referred to it as snow.

I asked her if she wanted to visit her friends on our walk, or Grandma Linda, and apparently that was a no-brainer! GRAMMA LINDA!!! So we visited and she treated us with hot coco and muffins. Bella loves going over there!!

Refusing to put clothes on, I had to get some "ice" for the Bossy Bell to play with inside. Oh, AND her snow-covered baby, too.

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