Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Nebraska Pt.1

This little monkey loved jumping on the bed!

While in Nebraska, we saw all of my cousins and family except Amber and her family who is in New York. It was so good to see everyone! In the purple hat is 20 month old Emma - the most adorable thing I have laid eyes on ever! And throwing leaves at me with the adorable hat on is Harrison. He loved teasing me while I had my camera on hand!

The kids quickly discovered how much fun it was to throw leaves onto the blowing A/C unit. Clean up was to follow after Grandpa Bob busted us.
My uncle Mike, my dad Randy and Randy's better half Michelle.

I love this picture! Jackie was workin' it when I told her to flip her hair for me! haha. And Bella with the dirty bum...The was the only one never wearing real clothes. Ugh. 
Bella sat with her Great-Grandma Marion after a bribe. Emma sat perfectly still with her Great-Grandpa Bob, and Marley refused any pictures since it was nap time. Can't blame her! So my aunt Justine held her for just one quick picture of all the great-grandbabies that were there!

Grandpa enjoyed watching Emma shake her bon bon. She's got MOVES!

All grandkids and their significant others. Well, I guess Amber, Marc and Nick aren't pictured. We wish they were there! Maybe we'll just photoshop them in!
Mike, Randy, Gary, Steve, and Barbie with their parents, Robert and Marion. And Jackie and Josh posin all cute for me.
Steve and Drae with their adorable silly boys - Levi (twin), Simon (twin) and Harrison. In that order!

 Kissing cousins. No wait, that was Katie and Josh. LOL. So good to see my Katie.
Simon wasn't feelin the love. Haha...Too much closeness. Ew. Girls.
My cousins. Adorable and the BEST babysitters ever. Bella adored them. She'd say, "Come GET me boys!" then quickly run away. 

My Grandpa Robert. I still sit in his lap in the old brown chair. That thing really needs to be replaced!!!
Cousins. Presh.

 The lighting right here was magical. I can't adore the way these turned out enough. Used my 50mm f/1.8 lens from Christmas last year. In love.

Most photogenic family. Ever. They just kept smiling. So I kept shooting. They were all just so cute!!!
My papa. I realized this year that I'm an only child AND the oldest child. So I'm a spoiled brat and extra responsible. Haha. I thought it was funny. And so so true.
Blue shirt: Cousin Joseph. Simon in the red shirt and my dad showing off his array of facial expressions. Oh the talent I inherited.
My dad and his beautiful wife, Michelle. And last but not least, Levi, giving me his usual look of excitement. 

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  1. Hi Emily!
    I am an old friend of Ty's and check out your blog occasionally. You and your family are adorable! I have to tell you, you are a gorgeous girl who always looks so cute- I love your fashion sense and the way you always have your hair all cute- you should do a blog or something with advice on how to look so cute and put together all the time... Just sayin'... :) tell Ty hi for me and I hope you all have a happy holiday!


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